It’s true love between the Democratic president and the Republican governor of New Jersey.

More than a week after President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie toured sections of the Jersey Shore ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, the White House remains “stunned” at how helpful Christie and his team have been and how easy it is to work with them, The Post has learned.

“The Christie people are so much easier to deal with than the Cuomo people,” a senior administration official said, referring to Gov. Cuomo. “New York wants to do everything alone, but we’re working with Christie really well. It’s weird.”

Obama has ordered every Cabinet member – except Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – “to go up there [to New Jersey] at least once for Christie,” the source said.


  1. This article hits it on the nail. Its a combination of Coumo and Bloomberg that havethis attitude we can do it on our own and we are the ones left suffering.

    The White House should insist on helping and prosecite these criinals that want to be heroes on our time.

    How dare they? the good linig here is that all of us that voted for Bloomberg, deserve him

  2. Did anyone notice that the US Government has dome zilch so far? All the help we have gotten was strictly from charities and organizations.

    The USA has been AWOL and has totally abondened us, what a disgarce!


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