That is the big question .

I had my  own opinion even before the  final cease  fire and  the last Israelis killed.

I refrained from putting my gut reactions on  paper because I wanted to be in  an intellectual and not emotional mode.

So, who won? Normally, this question is not a  very difficult one to answer. It is  the  zero  sum game of the history of  conflict. History books are  full of  winners  and  losers..

However, in Israel, since the  Six Day war, winning has  become a very complicated and  controversial term.  What  is  the  definition of  winning?

If it means that Israel denied our Arab foes their ultimate war aim – our  destruction, then Israel  has won each time. Clearly, the  first war that  the  Arabs “really” win,  is the  last one Israel fights.  In this light, Israel  has  won each encounter because  we  still exist. to the  chagrin of our  foes..

So why  are Israelis  not thrilled after this  latest victory? After all we  really socked  it to them –  for the  third time in five years. We killed   a lot of bad  guys and  destroyed lots of menacing tunnels. Gaza  ain’t lookin very pretty after  we got through with it. –  once  again.  We were  hardly scratched compared to them. Isn’t all the  above  measures of victory?

I don’t think most Israelis  feel so. We realize  that  as long as the enemy who is absolutely dedicated to our destruction  remains  standing, they will decide when the  next  round  will commence – and  commence it shall. There  is  no bribing or threatening them.  As  long as they can,  they will strike, like  a  poison snake. This is not   logical to the  Western  mind but the ISIS folks  are  helping us believe.

During this last round, many   familiar phenomenon have  come into sharper  focus, such as the unprecedented  unabashed anti Semitic  expression by growing  sectors of the  world and the enthusiastic  defense of our enemies by  self hating Jews here  and  abroad.

 No matter how Israel defends herself she  will be  attacked for  doing so. Israel  may not defend  herself as other nations do. Never, never,  has a country tried  so hard to please the  world,  thus  paying  with our soldiers lives  once  again, and yet, encounter  only ever increasing hatred and disdain. Israelis scratch their heads and  search  for the  magic  appeasing potion

 Most sad, I can not stop thinking of the families. Their losses,  it  would   seem were in vain, as were the ones of the first two “rounds”.

I can not see a  reason  for optimism unless I look to the  word of God  and His  prophets.

The  totality of the miracle  that  is an Israel very beneficial to the world, and the global assault on it, has never seen. This is because it is not  a dialectic historical process but rather one of the God  of history.

That is why I retain hope.


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