By Larry Gordon –

Anyone knows or care about the foreign policy of Peru or Portugal? When is the last time anything about these two countries and scores of others were anywhere near a United Nationals Human Watch agenda. Here’s my guess—never.

Not so for Israel. It has been conclusively demonstrated that an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria or even emptying East Jerusalem of his quarter million Jews will not have any impact on the bloodshed in Syria, the brewing civil war in Lebanon, the extreme corrupt nature of the government in Turkey, the military takeover of Egypt, the loss of Iraq to the Iranian sphere or Iran’s drive toward Middle Eastern nuclear dominance.

So why all the bother and why all the fuss? Why—as so much of the Mid East implodes—has Us Secretary of State John Kerry made a dozen visits to Jerusalem and has escalated the pressure on the Israel government to a string on concessions that weakens Israel and strengthen her enemies as well as those of the US.

There seems to be no rational reason to focus on these issues at this juncture other than the fact that something about Israel and Jews in particular is troubling to this administration. So Israel releases terrorists who are welcomed home as heroes while terrorist murders and attacks in increase. Kerry talks of Israeli concessions while missiles are fired at Ashdod.

Israel has been snookered into the world believing that there is a moral equivalency between building a playground for small children in the Shomron and releasing terrorist murderers.

Israel needs to pushback and rid itself of this “painful concession for peace” fantasy. Prime Minister Netanyahu plans to announce more building in Judea and Samaria next week to coincide with the release of 26 more terrorists. The Palestinian Arab representatives said today that this move would mean the end of the peace process. Now that’s sounds like a plan.


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