questionmarkAs I was riding the bus this  evening we heard the missile alerts for Bet Shemesh and  the Jerusalem outskirts. It is unusual for them to shoot so far, but they want  to prove that they can.
My thoughts immediately  focused on my children in Bet Shemesh. I am sure that my son and daughter in law quickly roused my two little  grand  daughters out of bed and rushed them into the bomb proof did thousands of others  at the  same moment.

What did they tell the  little ones as  they urgently scooped them  from their sleep?  What will they explain to them and how will these memories affect them tomorrow and beyond?
“But why do they want to hurt us daddy..?”

Jewish children have been asking this question for far too many centuries. Israel was supposed to change that.

Perhaps pondering these thoughts  are a luxury on a day when we buried  ten of our brave holy young men.  Five were  killed by a terrorist that popped up out of a tunnel next to a kibbutz. Five others were killed with a mortar round just inside the Israeli border.

So many, many thoughts  flood my mind these days as I go from one funeral to another and then to a house of mourning.

They say that our leaders have information that we do not  have  so ..rely on them. We have been doing so since the Oslo treachery of 1993 which threw  open the gates of misery for Israel’s Jews.

Shimon Peres is of course the  proud  holder of the Nobel Peace prize together with his peace partner, Yassar Arafat and  also the holder of two  freedom medals from his  good friend Barak Hussein Obama,( who tried bullying Bibi into  an unconditional cease fire brokered by our good friends the Turks.)

Peres  just retired now from president of Israel and declared that  he  still hopes to play an active role in the quest for peace.

I suggest that he take a break and write a few thousand letters of apology to his many “sacrifices for peace”, the last ten, just this  afternoon.


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