Thumbnail for 90150Israeli prison Illustration: Wikipedia

Israeli prison illustration: Wikipedia.

Palestinian security prisoners at a high-security lockup located — ironically — at “Armageddon (Megiddo) Jct.” Prison in central Israel won’t be watching National Geographic wildlife anymore, Israel’s Channel 10 News reported Monday.

Turns out that, along with dramatic nature footage, the channel also specializes in programming of a more problematic nature: prison escapes.

Officials said they didn’t want to give the inmates any jailbreak ideas.

Among the wide-ranging televised “college of the airwaves” programming NatGeo offers are: America’s Hardest Prison, Black Dolphin Prison, Inside: Russia’s Toughest Prison, World’s Toughest Prison, Prison Nation, Lockdown.

There’s a pattern here, that the prisoners — many of whom are serving multiple life terms for planning and perpetrating terror attacks — may be following, very closely.

Watch one example of the programming, ”National Geographic Documentary 2014 Hardest Prisons Female Jail”:

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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