Laura:Would the world remotely give a damn if it were an Israeli? Of course not. It would be treated by the media and world community as if it was justifiable and understandable. But you can see the sympathy emanating from the media for Jordan as you did for France. Should Jordan retaliate, you can be sure they won’t be condemned. Only Jewish victims of terrorism are treated with moral ambiguity. And only the Jewish state is not supposed to retaliate and defend itself.

The bottom line is, the Muslim world, including Jordanians, have given their moral support to terrorism directed against infidels. Now they express outrage over the blowback. They get no sympathy from me.

Obama, where is the same solidarity with Israel as you have expressed with Jordan? Instead, Israel gets lectured to be restrained and not to use “disproportionate force” after its people are murdered. However, Jordan’s retaliatory measures will get western support.

Isis has been beheading Christians, beheading western hostages, committing genocide against Yazidis etc. for some time now. Why weren’t they worth fighting against Isis for? Why is the world suddenly galvanized against Isis now? Have we been so dhimmified in the west that we have come to accept the Islamic supremacist idea that Muslims lives matter more? Infidel lives matter. Do you think if this had been an American or Israeli pilot, there would be this kind of reaction?

Jordanian Parliament Holds Moment of Silence for–Synagogue Terrorists

Jordanian Parliament Holds Moment of Silence – for Synagogue Terrorists

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