On the eve of the coronation of Willem-Alexander as the Netherlands’ new king Wednesday, the Dutch Jewish community held a special ceremony at the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam. In a temple lit only by orange candles, symbolizing the Royal House of Orange, a special prayer was recited in the presence of 14 Torah scrolls.

The prayer was then distributed among the Jewish communities across the Netherlands in Hebrew and Dutch, to be said by Dutch Jews every Shabbat during Shacharit morning prayers. “May He Who grants salvation to kings and dominion to rulers; Whose Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; Who releases his servant David from the evil sword; Who places a path in the sea and a passageway in the mighty waters–may He bless, guard, protect, exalt, raise up and elevate the king Willem-Alexander, may his glory be magnified,” part of the prayer stated, according to the Jewish Press.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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