The window of the Aleph library was smashed with a hammer. Photo: JSSNews

The window of a Jewish library in Villeurban, a suburb of the French city of Lyon, was smashed earlier today by an assailant wearing a motorcycle helmet.

French Jewish website JSSNews reported that attack took place around noon. The assailant used a hammer to smash the window of the Aleph library, which specializes in religious books. When the library manager emerged to confront the assailant, he was told, “We will get the Jews.” The assailant then departed on a scooter driven by an accomplice.

The library was visited shortly after the attack by Jean-François Carenco, the Prefect for the regional government who is in charge of security. “I came to tell the victims that the country is with them,” Carenco said.

Yesterday, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls delivered a searing speech to the French National Assembly in which he declared that rising antisemitism in France, graphically demonstrated by last week’s Islamist terror attacks in Paris, “did not not produce the national outrage that our Jewish compatriots expected.”

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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