When the Torah speaks about dwelling “lavetach,” Rashi defines the word as the absence of worry. The life of the true ba’albitachon is blessed with a double berachah: the peace of mind to cope with challenges and the power to resolve the problems. There are many levels of bitachon and much effort is usually needed to develop and maintain the true emotion called bitachon. It is an ongoing, lifelong process.

As a community service, Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh presents a weekly teleconference entitled “The Rabbi Yosef Kalter, zt’l, Living with Bitachon Message,” given by the rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Shaya Cohen. The series is slated to begin again after Pesach, every Wednesday night, at 10:00 p.m. You can listen in by calling 1-860-970-0300, ext. 377232. It will be sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. David and Orly Simai in memory of their late uncles, Aron ben Moshe and Eliyahu Chaim ben HaRav Chaim Yitzchak Aryeh.

A weekly summary of the message will also be made available via e-mail. Please forward your email address if you wish to make sure that you receive it to info@priority-1.org. For further information on bitachon and related issues, please visit priority-1.org.


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