HANC graduation

HANC High School seniors graduated before an audience of several hundred proud family members, guests, administration, and faculty members. The ceremony took place at The Space in Westbury, New York.

The program opened with a poignant video presentation filmed by faculty honoring the graduating class. The video featured administrators and teachers reflecting on their most meaningful memories with the graduates. Following the processional and the anthems, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, principal of the high school, welcomed guests and graduates and introduced salutatorian Zackary Plutzer who delivered the invocation. Mrs. Marie Palaia, associate principal, greeted the graduates with a heartfelt congratulatory message.

In his outstanding valedictory address, Josh Weinstein encouraged his classmates to continue making positive choices based on the foundations each student received while at HANC. Additionally, Josh expressed his hakarat ha’tov to his school, family, and friends.

Alumnus Dylan Hamapour (‘15) and chazzan Yosef Karavani, a father of HANC students, riveted the audience with their heartwarming performance of “Al Kol Eleh” — a Tribute to Israel at 70.

Ms. Tziporah Zucker, assistant principal, addressed the graduates, reminding them of the unique qualities of HANC and how it has impacted each individual throughout their high-school career. She then introduced the class speaker, Michali Betesh, who reflected on her four years of high school.

A special Keter Shem Tov award was presented to Moshe Khalili in memory of Rabbi Jack V. Zucker, father of assistant principal Ms. Tziporah Zucker. This award is in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding distinguished character and a strong commitment to leading a life of high ethical and moral standards consistent with Torah ideals and values.

Prior to the distribution of the diplomas, the graduates performed their alma mater, “A Million Memories,” written together by HANC’s music teacher, Mr. Dovid Klaver, and members of the graduating class.

Rabbi Adelman, Mrs. Palaia, and Ms. Zucker distributed the diplomas to the graduates who were also greeted by dean of students Rabbi Etan Ehrenfeld and director of student life Rabbi Daniel Mezei. Gifts to the graduates were distributed by the chairman of the board of education, Mrs. Loren Daitch, and the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Duvy Maryles.

HANC’s menahel, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, in his charge to the graduates, recognized his special bond with the graduates and encouraged students to always stay close to Hashem.

Salutatorian Batsheva Moskowitz administered the benediction, reminded fellow graduates to “keep their uniqueness,” and thanked Hashem for bringing the students to this milestone.

Closing out the ceremony was a moving rendition of “Birkat Kohanim” performed by Chazan Karavani. After the proceedings, graduates and guests enjoyed an elaborate collation sponsored by the Bender and Kreinik families.

Mazal tov to all the graduates and their families!


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