What does lifting weights, kickboxing, Namaste, and supporting victims of domestic violence have in common?

On Sunday, March 10, the Woodmere Fitness Club hosted Fitness For Shalom, a day of workout classes, and weightlifting in support of Shalom Task Force, an organization that provides vital resources to victims and survivors of domestic abuse through its anonymous confidential hotline, preventive education workshops, and free legal services for victims.
“The idea for our Fitness For Shalom event was born when I overheard some of our members talking in the gym about Shalom Task Force and the important work that they do to help domestic abuse victims in our community. These members are part of our Barbell Club, a program dedicated to getting women strong safely, to building community, and empowering women to discover their strength,” says Inna Koppel, the owner of the Woodmere Fitness Club.

She continued, “I also wanted to send a message that we stand behind all women in our community and that our gym is a safe space where women can train comfortably, under the supervision of expert female coaches, who serve as role models of strength and courage.”

The week leading up to the event, the Barbell Club hosted a Sponsor-a-Lifter event, having their lifters push themselves to lift as much they can and raise one dollar per pound they lifted. Koppel explained her inspiration for event “I felt that it would be important for us to participate with a ‘Sponsor A Lifter’ fundraiser so that we could show women in our community that it is possible to be strong, to be capable, and be confident.” Throughout the week, lifters dug deep and pushed themselves to lift as much as they could, with many achieving new personal records in their lifting.

Shalom Task Force is grateful to Inna Koppel for helping to organize the entire event, Front Row Apparel for sponsoring the event, Raina Butler, Amy Hiller, and Inna for leading the classes, to the committee members for helping bring the event together, and to all that attended a fitness class and took part in the Sponsor-a-Lifter event for making Fitness For Shalom an outstanding success! This program provides vital support for Shalom Task Force’s critical services for the community. 


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