Michaelle Gorman, speech therapist at Woodmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center (WRHCC), and her sister, Leah Bulka, will be donating a sefer Torah to the WRHCC community in memory of their parents, Rabbi Dr. Noah and Pearl Rosenbloom.

The hachnassas sefer Torah procession will take place on Sunday, October 28. The procession will begin at 12:30 p.m. from Central and Prospect Avenues to the Woodmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center Central Avenue parking lot.

There are many customs that deal with this mitzvah. They center on a wedding theme. Acceptance of the Torah is compared to a wedding. Mount Sinai is the canopy, the Jewish people the bride, the Almighty the groom, and the ring is the Torah.

The Torah scroll is brought into the synagogue, under a chuppah, a talit on four poles. The four poles are held by family members, close friends, and rabbis. The sefer Torah is held by family members under the chuppah. The sefer Torah is completed in a private ceremony in which different people write the final letters. Speeches are delivered on the importance of Torah study, supporting Torah, Torah living, and the people in whose memory the Torah was written. Then the men, carrying the Torah under the chuppah, as well as the procession, dance their way to the aron kodesh where the Torah is placed.

There are different customs regarding songs sung during the process. Usually there is a parade with musicians and much dancing associated with bringing the Torah in. Many places offer refreshments and this event is open to all. Woodmere Rehab invites you to be part of this mitzvah and joyous celebration.

Woodmere Rehabilitation & Health Care Center is located in the heart of the Five Towns. The 336-bed facility offers quality, individualized, and specialized services and programs in long-term care, short term rehabilitation, and sub-acute care including on-site dialysis, wound care, and ventilator care. The facility offers residents individualized care in a culturally sensitive environment.

For additional information regarding this celebration, contact infowoodmere@yahoo.com.


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