Workers removing weeds near New York’s LaGuardia Airport made a grim discovery when they found parts of a human skeleton.

The maintenance crew was removing weeds and foliage in a marshy area on Monday when they stumbled onto a bone.

Responding Port Authority police officers found a number of other pieces of remains as they arrived on the scene.

The medical examiner later confirmed that the bones belonged to a person. The department is now analysing the remains to identify them.

NYPD detectives are also reviewing missing-person cases in an effort to identify the victim.

At this point, it is not yet known if the person was a male or female.

It is not known how long the remains were in that location, but authorities told NBC New York that they may have been there for as long as a year.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Al Della Fave said the remains were found at the water’s edge of Flushing Bay.

Della Fave told ‘It was kind of fortunate that the tide was low, because it was right at the tide line.’ 

‘When the tide came back up, more than likely that area would have been covered.’

Authorities said that it’s too early to determine how the person was killed, and if foul play was involved.

Sources told CBS New York that the remains could be those of a person who jumped off a nearby bridge and was dragged into the bay by a current.


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