On Wednesday, November 5, Rabbi Shlomo Braun, who has been active for the past 44 years in community and political activities, welcomed Jason Palliser and Bryan Wynn, healthcare executives from  Missouri and Florida, to introduce the expertise of World Care Alliance to New York medical and health providers.

World Care Alliance is the nation’s most diversified provider of “build to suit” benefits. They have been successful in assisting major medical facilities in many states of the nation in reducing their pharmaceutical expenses without cost to the government, the consumer, or the medical facility, and are enthusiastic in expanding to the tri-state area. Their commitment is to deliver the best solutions for healthcare benefits, financial benefits, claims audits, pharmacy benefits management, and additional benefits initiatives. With a combined 40+ years of experience as the leader in the benefits field, they will use that same experience to deliver the best options that every business deserves.

Contact Rabbi Shlomo Braun at 718-851-4596 or e-mail rsbaleh@gmail.com to get your medical facility the savings and expertise from WCA.


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