Vibrant and luminous hair has always been a woman’s most essential accessory, and no one knows that better than Yaffa Precut Studio. Lush wigs and falls of all lengths and hues line the walls of their upscale studio on Cedarhurst Avenue. All the wigs are already cut and styled, which removes the guesswork previously associated with buying a wig. The modern decor creates a luxurious ambiance while still remaining comfortable and inviting.

Choosing a new wig can be a daunting and confusing task, especially for first-timers, but also for the most seasoned of buyers. There are a plethora of wig companies and most wigs look beautiful when they are freshly washed and styled, displayed glamorously on a store shelf.

What is most crucial to a potential buyer–and what separates Yaffa from other wig studios–is what happens if an issue arises six months or a year down the line. Yaffa is the only shop in the area that sells its own proprietary line of premium-quality wigs. This affords them the luxury of giving their clients a real guarantee on their purchase, and earn their long-term satisfaction.

“I’ve had my Yaffa for a year and a half,” says Chana, who was shopping for her second Yaffa wig. “I love the quality of the hair and I know that if I ever have an issue or question, they are always so sweet and take care of it right away.”

Eighty percent of Yaffa’s clients are returning customers and referrals from satisfied customers. It’s easy to see why. Their staff is always gracious and eager to help and their prices cater to a broad range of individuals. But above all, what makes Yaffa one of the most trusted and reliable brands in wigs is the fact that clients don’t just leave happy, they return happy.

Visit Yaffa’s Precut Studio at 100 Cedarhurst Avenue in Cedarhurst. Call 516-791-2020 for more information or just walk in! v


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