Dr. and Mrs. Dovid Hurwitz
Dr. and Mrs. Dovid Hurwitz

The Yeshiva of Central Queens will hold its annual scholarship dinner on Sunday, March 10 at The Sands, Atlantic Beach. This year, the yeshiva will mark its 72nd anniversary by paying tribute to an outstanding group of people who have served the yeshiva and the community with much dedication and devotion.

Guests of Honor: Dr. and Mrs. Dovid Hurwitz. Dr. Hurwitz is one of the most popular pediatricians in Kew Gardens Hills and an accomplished talmid chacham. He has served with distinction on the board of trustees of the yeshiva and on the executive committee as executive vice president for many years where he used his influence to help guide the yeshiva on its successful path. His wisdom and sensitivity to the needs of others has resulted in many people gravitating to him to seek his advice and counsel. Barbara, his eishet chayil, is supportive of his involvement in all activities on behalf of the yeshiva and the community.

Parents of the Year: Yvette and Sam Sturm. The Sturms are role models to their three children through their active involvement in their education. They enthusiastically participate in the YCQ PA, their shul, Congregation Etz Chaim, and other tzedakah organizations. Their friendly disposition towards each person with whom they come in contact have made them cherished parents at YCQ.

Educator Award: Rabbi Aloni Russek. Every student at YCQ who has had Rabbi Russek as a rebbi will fondly remember the warmth and friendship he showered on his talmidim. His caring continued even when they were no longer in his class. Rabbi Russek’s encouragement has helped many of his students succeed in their lives.

The dinner program will feature the dedication of a beautiful new aron kodesh in memory of the recently departed Dr. Alvin Lashinsky, a’h. Dr. Lashinsky was instrumental in the growth and development of the Jewish community of Queens and was one of the most devoted members of YCQ’s board of trustees for several decades. The dedication will be made by Mrs. Francine Lashinsky and Dr. Alexander and Meryl Weingarten and family.

The alumni class of 1968 will be recognized for its numerous accomplishments in conjunction with a gala class reunion which will take place at the dinner.

YCQ board chairman, Israel Glaser, noted, “Although we may have seen the beginning of an economic recovery during the past year, many YCQ families remain in dire financial situations. All funds from the dinner campaign will be allocated to the YCQ scholarship fund.” A scroll of honor listing the contributors will be published for the occasion.

Mrs. Reize Sipzner and Mrs. Pearl Cohen, dinner co-chairs, asked alumni, alumni parents, and friends to sponsor as many weeks of tuition as possible and make dinner reservations immediately so “we can all enjoy a special evening of friendship in the spirit of hachzakat haTorah.”

For more information, please call 718-793-8500, ext. 300 or 302. v


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