YCQ eighth-grade students decorated sukkahs as a chesed for those who needed help

In preparation of the holiday of Sukkos, the eighth-grade girls from the Yeshiva of Central Queens spread out into the Queens community in order to help those in need of assistance prepare for the holiday. YCQ’s intergenerational Sukkos program is just one example of the school’s innovative programming and cutting-edge teaching methods.

YCQ’s quality Torah and general studies programs will be highlighted during the school’s upcoming interactive open house, which will take place on Sunday, November 4, 10:00-11:30 a.m. YCQ is located at 147-37 70th Road in Kew Gardens Hills.

On Thursday, September 27, the YCQ eighth-grade girls embarked on a day of chesed in conjunction with the Sukkos holiday. The students went house-to-house and decorated sukkahs for those individuals who were unable to do it themselves. In addition, the students visited Boulevard Alp, an assisted living center and nursing home, where the girls worked together to fill the sukkahs with beautiful decorations for the residents to enjoy.

The owners of the sukkahs who benefited from the students’ acts of kindness were extremely appreciative. “The smiles on the girls’ faces and their eagerness to help beautify our sukkah will really help enhance our chag,” said one woman.

“We are so happy to help bring the yom tov spirit to our neighbors,” said YCQ eighth-graders Leah Kesten of Hillcrest and Jessica Fuzailov of Jamaica Estates.

“It was a thrill to walk from house to house to cheer up some of our community elderly citizens,” said YCQ eighth-grader Sharona Fiskus of Jamaica Estates.

“It was so nice and felt so good to decorate sukkahs for those who needed our help,” said YCQ eighth-grader Shaindy Greenberg of Hillcrest.

“I wouldn’t have thought decorating sukkahs would be this much fun,” said YCQ eighth-grader Elisheva Zahtz of Kew Gardens Hills. “Doing this mitzvah made me realize how important chesed is.”

“At YCQ, education is not solely limited to classroom instruction,” said Rabbi Mark Landsman, YCQ principal. “Interactive and intergenerational programs that encourage our students to do acts of kindness for others and to learn from people with vast life experience are invaluable educational tools. We pride ourselves on employing an array of teaching methods intended to impart strong Torah values and a solid ethical and moral base to our students so that they continue to grow academically, socially, and religiously.”

Rabbi Landsman noted that he is looking forward to meeting with prospective parents at the school’s open house on November 4 and sharing with them the quality Torah and general studies academic and religious programs that YCQ offers to its over 900 students and their families.

The YCQ open house will feature guided tours of the yeshiva and a stimulating first-grade lesson for parents, which will include a session on YCQ’s Hebrew immersion program. While the parents are occupied with the programming, their children will enjoy interactive lessons with YCQ’s kindergarten staff.

YCQ features smart-board technology in every classroom, a state-of-the-art science lab, two fully equipped computer labs, and separate classes for boys and girls beginning in fourth grade. The school also offers an assortment of afterschool programs and clubs, including Mishmar, chess, band instruction, drama, dance, and much more. Free transportation to YCQ is available from Queens, the Five Towns, West Hempstead, and Great Neck.

“We are constantly seeking creative ways to take a school that has been in existence for over 70 years and chart a path that maintains the core values. Torah and maddah, and promote their practice in our daily lives,” said Rabbi Landsman, “YCQ is always prepared to embark on exciting new vistas while, at the same time, upholding the fundamental principles that were established when the school initially opened in 1941.”

For more information about YCQ and the November 4 open house, call 718-793-8500, ext. 310, or visit www.ycqweb.com.


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