Jslem - Construction 1 Jslem - Fruit platterAfter years of intense planning of the design and world-class architecture of Yerushalayim’s newest and most prestigious residential complex, Walimer International and ISA have commenced construction of Jerusalem Estates located in the historic Schneller Compound. The project, located in the heart of Yerushalayim’s Geulah neighborhood with its teeming religious and cultural life, will be the city’s most luxurious property, by far the most exquisite property ever developed in the city for exclusive premier residential living.

The architecture for the magnificent compound, with its pristine idyllic gardens and 400 apartments in 13 luxury buildings, was directed by Yehuda Feigin and his firm, known worldwide for their unique and most exquisite designs, including such world-class luxury properties as the Waldorf-Astoria. Feigin and his team sought to capture the classical Jerusalem courtyard milieu surrounded by a park in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Malchei Yisrael Street and in close proximity to the City Center. Jerusalem Estates will offer services and amenities that are part of luxury living in some of the world’s most celebrated properties. A key goal of the team was to preserve the serenity and privacy of the residents.

Even before construction began, the project generated enormous interest amongst some of the most prominent Orthodox businessmen and activists in Israel and worldwide. Many luxury apartments were pre-sold. With construction well under way, sales have now been extended to the community at large, particularly for those that covet this type of luxury living. A sales office is now open in the center of the city, on King David Street.

“It is important to understand that Jerusalem Estates is not one of the ordinary residential projects that dot the city,” said Akiva Zuravin, the executive director of ISA, which is managing the construction project in the Schneller Compound. “This is a premier property offering luxury living never before experienced in Yerushalayim and in fact almost anywhere in the world.” For more information, visit www.jerusalemestates.com. v


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