The YESHA Council has released a new English-language website and three additional animated videos that mock John Kerry’s Middle-East failures and attempts to foster a peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The satirical website comes in the shadow of two viral videos staring a John Kerry lookalike that were seen by millions worldwide, leading to an official response and media backlash from the State Department. With the State Department’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, calling the YESHA Council video “unacceptable”.

The satirical campaign is part of a larger YESHA Council public policy campaign against capitulating to US Secretary pressure to surrender the strategic hills of Judea and Samaria that overlook 70% of Israel’s population to create a Palestinian state. The comical videos were accompanied by more somber advertising campaign that appeared on billboards major Israelis newspapers, stressing that Kerry’s proposals endanger Israel’s security and would have been rejected by Israeli leaders from time immemorial.

The campaign has also been joined by a wave of anti-Kerry criticism from Israel’s highest political echelons. While according to a recent poll in the popular Sof Hashavua newspaper close to 70 percent of Jewish Israelis don’t trust the Obama administration to safeguard Israel’s security interests under the framework agreement. The new English website is a direct attempt by the YESHA Council to a[[eal to the broadest possible audience by using humor to highlight the dangerous truths lurking behind the ongoing negotiations.

The new “John Kerry Solutions Ltd” website advertises a spoof consultancy firm that operates under the slogan: “We don’t have any good solutions, but you’ve gotta do something, right?” Visitors to the site are encouraged to watch the three new infomercials and write directly to John Kerry Ltd with all of their personal problems, to get unique out of the box solutions.

The website is clearly satirical; however the new videos are more serious than the previous two parodies, attempting to reach out to the English speaking world in Israel and abroad. The new topics covered include; the history of American pressure against Israel, Mahmoud Abbas’s validity as a peace partner and the American administrations recent string of policy failures in the Middle East.

The YESHA Council is the official umbrella organization of the Israeli settlement movement, representing over 360,000 Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria.


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