Yeshiva Darchei Aliya (YDA) teams up with Variety Connection to distribute Chanukah projects for children that utilize STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) components to bring Chanukah to life.

YDA parents Mrs. Racheli Zimmer of Lawrence and Mrs. Aliza Feder of Far Rockaway worked with Yeshiva Darchei Aliya Menahel Rabbi Sheftel Skaist, to come up with the idea for these Chanukah STEM Projects. They approached Robert Wengrofsky of Variety Connection, who was so impressed with what he saw that he agreed to carry them in his store. The YDA Chanukah STEM kits include a paper menorah that uses a battery, copper tape, and LED lights to allow children to create a menorah and “light” a candle for each night, supplies to create a dreidel-copter, and dreidel spin art, keeping the kids busy well after the Chanukah candles burn out. The best part? The kits are free! Children of all ages can work independently or together to assemble these projects. To claim your free YDA Chanukah STEM Kit, just visit Variety Connection during their regular business hours on Chanukah — limit two per family while supplies last.

Variety Connection is located at 450 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst and carries everything that you need to celebrate Chanukah. Yeshiva Darchei Aliya is an Al Pi Darko school located in Brooklyn that draws children from all over the New York area, including the Five Towns. To order additional YDA Chanukah STEM kits, please text Racheli Zimmer at 917-699-0936.


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