The WFC Girls dance team

The Woodmere Fitness Club girls dance club opened for the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center during the pre-game show on February 3.

More than 100 girls from Five Towns yeshivas participated in this semester-long program. The girls practiced two times a week for three months, building new friendships and learning to work as a team.

The Nets’ talent director noted how well behaved and what good middot the girls had. Another talent director remarked how refreshing it was to see girls dressed modestly. The WFC Girls performed in long sleeves and skirts to show their pride as Orthodox young ladies and to make sure no one felt uncomfortable.

Parents and family members of the team filled the audience and shepped nachas at their accomplishments. Several parents remarked that the dance club boosted the girls’ confidence.

Raina Butler, director of the WFC Girls program, expressed her pride in the hard work and determination the girls displayed.

“The highlight for me was seeing the girls’ smiling faces as they performed and felt truly confident in themselves,” said Butler.

“This is the first time the Barclays Center had an Orthodox Jewish dance team perform. We are so proud the Kiddush Hashem the girls made!”


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