Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah has entered into contract for the purchase of a property between the young burgeoning communities of North Lawrence and Inwood. The new building will boast over 20,000 square feet of educational space including a 130-seat beis midrash, ample classrooms, science and computer labs, a football field, and basketball courts. Most importantly, the new building will provide space for the rapidly growing mesivta, beis midrash, and kollel to be united under one roof and allow for more valuable interaction between the bachurim and kollel yungerleit. With the building in closer proximity to the community, the yeshiva looks forward to hosting more extra-curricular activities, night programs, and Shabbosim together. This four-million-dollar project will enable the yeshiva to close on the property within a few months and be move-in ready for Elul z’man of the 2021-22 school year.

In just three years since the mesivta was established, the yeshiva has seen tremendous success and has outgrown its current accommodations. “Nishmas Hatorah is filling an essential need for the community, and the new building will enable more bachurim a chance to flourish under Rabbi Weinberger’s warmth and caring,” says Rabbi Yaakov Bender of Yeshiva Darchei Torah.

Rabbi Pinchus Weinberger, the rosh yeshiva, is well-known for his role in developing the young kehillah of Inwood while fostering inspiration and nurturing relationships that cultivate an environment of true growth. Talmidim of the yeshiva will benefit from the positive energy in their new location and the yeshiva’s presence will generate a powerful ruach haTorah for the neighborhood.

Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah began ten years ago as a beis midrash program where older bachurim could gain personal hadrachah as they entered a critical period in their lives. The mesivta developed later with the goal of reaching bachurim at a younger stage in life. Rabbi Weinberger’s vision is a bachur who is connected—connected to his yeshiva, to his rebbe, to his learning, to himself, and ultimately to HaKadosh Baruch Hu. The yeshiva seeks to develop a shleimus that’s about living Torah, or, as Rabbi Weinberger says, learning to live. As one alumnus related, “The things I use daily in my job, and as a husband and father, are the derech eretz and hashkafas ha’chaim that Rabbi Weinberger emphasizes and instills. This is what the yeshiva stands for.”

Rabbi Weinberger takes inspiration and guidance from his rebbi, Rav Elya Brudny, who urged him to establish the mesivta and give younger bachurim the opportunity to benefit from his one-of-a-kind chinuch approach. The mesivta has welcomed boys from Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island, Yeshiva Ketana of Queens, Yeshiva of South Shore, and Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe, as well as other schools in the surrounding areas. For more information about Nishmas HaTorah and to participate in the upcoming building project, please contact the yeshiva office at 516-939-1526. 

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