In these confusing times, it seems as if every week we are hit with another crisis or a deeper realization of an existing one. And while we are well aware that nothing is random and everything has a design and a purpose, sometimes we struggle to understand our role in it all. We also strongly believe that Hashem gives us tools to combat these issues and, in fact, grow from them.

Considering the stress and anxiety on so many fronts, whether involving ruchniyus, parnassah, shidduchim, marriage, or chinuch, to name a few, life can seem daunting to any young adult growing up today. These vicissitudes of life can have an adverse impact on bachurim. Especially as a bachur transitions from being single to marriage, from full-time learning to part-time, from spending the day in a beis midrash to sitting in college or at work, there is a lot at stake. Any bachur’s future is heavily dependent on the tools he develops during these crucial years–especially in today’s times.

This is why Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah was founded a few years ago. With much siyatta d’Shmaya, Nishmas Hatorah has been successful in supplying these tools, these life skills, filling that gaping void. This yeshiva is unique and so integral to Klal Yisrael as the roshei ha’yeshiva have been working to develop a model where the many facets of each individual bachur are addressed so the boys can develop their full potential. The yeshiva is led by Rabbi Yissachar Blinder and Rabbi Pinchus Weinberger, who bring their experience, talents, and a grand vision. They are ably assisted by the menahel, Rabbi Abi Goldenberg, who is uniquely suited to understand and connect with the bachurim while giving them goals to aspire to.

The daily schedule encompasses these many goals the roshei yeshiva have set for their bachurim. There are three sedarim, of which bachurim must attend at least two. In this way they are productive and fulfilled and maintain a very positive association with Torah and Yiddishkeit. The rest of the time is spent in school or working part-time.

In the same vein, every bachur starts off the day with Chumash, halachah, and the hashkafahshiur. First seder has two tracks, one is standard iyun and shiur, and the second is solidifying the basics followed by shiur. Seder ends with a chaburah on tikkun ha’middos. Second seder starts with Nach, then beki’us, and finally an interactive mussar seder. Night seder is a choice of chavrusah or chaburah learning led by R’ Simcha Lebowicz.

This past year, the yeshiva arranged biweekly presentations from R’ Meir Rizel, former presenter of Shalom Workshops, focusing on providing a deeper understanding of relationships and guidance for navigating marriage properly. This summer zeman the yeshiva has had the z’chus of hearing from world-renowned speakers, including Rabbi Yosef Wallis of Arachim, Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, and R’ Akiva Graeber. The bachurim have had numerous “Lunch and Learn” programs with baalei batim, discussing their professions, the bachurim’s future expectations, and how to be a true ben Torah in the workplace. Sunday mornings are focused on various topics of business halachah, which is learned in-depth, followed by an interactive shiur given by R’ Baruch Greenspan, a dayan from Lakewood. Friday mornings are filled with Chumash b’iyun and some chassidus on the parashah. There is also a college adviser who guides the bachurim in that area and facilitates a working relationship with Empire State University.

For the out-of-town talmidim, the yeshiva supplies a dorm with full amenities, and there is a beautiful ruach and camaraderie shared by all. With each kumzits, barbecue, in-Shabbos, and an annual mini-convention, there are deep, positive connections forged between the entire yeshiva and hanhalah.

Upon leaving Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah, a bachur has been given the tools to succeed as a great husband, a great father, and, most importantly, a great Yid. He views the Torah as a guide to all areas of life. The bachurim and alumni have started their own initiatives in Torah, chesed, and kiruv, as they feel the sense of achrayus to impart and share what they have learned and experienced in yeshiva.

The yeshiva eagerly anticipates the next exciting chapter: moving into its new building in Woodmere. Rabbis Blinder and Weinberger are very grateful to the yeshiva’s gracious host these past years, Bais Medrash Heichal Dovid in Lawrence. The shul’s generosity of spirit and its resources are truly something special. The yeshiva looks forward to continue servicing the community and beyond in an even greater capacity this coming zeman. For more information, please visit


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