Rabbi Wechsler and Ori Adivi at Yeshiva of Miami

By Seena Eisenman

In schools around (most of) the globe, June is the month in which completion is recognized. In keeping with this custom, Yeshiva of Miami parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends all came together on a beautiful June evening to participate in a most meaningful reception marking the culmination of a successful year, and to honor the members of the yeshiva’s first graduating class—five special young men whose perseverance and diligence have paid off in myriad ways.

Rosh Mesivta/Head of School Rabbi Dovid Wechsler warmly welcomed all the talmidim and guests. He then shared divrei berachah and words of chizuk meant not only for the graduates, but for all gathered. He spoke about how the counting down we do before Shavuos was only the beginning; that the real work and effort begins now. He praised the boys’ accomplishments to date and at the same time, charged them with recognizing and understanding and utilizing their tremendous kochos beyond the four walls of the Yeshiva as they go through life.

Rabbi Laivi Forta, esteemed rav of Aventura Chabad and proud father of graduate Shmuel Forta, delivered an inspiring message about Kabalas HaTorah. He pointed out that although Bnei Yisrael was gathered as a nation to receive Hashem’s Torah as one entity, there is another component of equal importance. That is, that Hashem was giving the Torah to each person individually. Hashem wanted each person to understand that this is his personal Torah, and as such, Hashem’s relationship was not to be only with Am Yisrael as one entity, but with its individual members. Therefore, that individual relationship is beyond special, and is to be cherished and nurtured. He charged the talmidim with always remembering that they are beloved to Hashem, and to internalize this important message.

Special mazel tov to the graduates: Shimon Cohen, Shmuel Forta, Mendel Lieberman, Yisroel Rosenbluth, and Yaakov Sutton. Mazel tov to their parents, siblings, and extended family as well. The Yeshiva wishes all the talmidim much hatzlachah going forward.

The yeshiva thanks Mr. Avraham Getzel of Fresko Aventura and his wonderful staff for hosting the event so graciously. With all the yeshiva’s talmidim and parents in attendance, as well as the many friends who came to share in the nachas of the boys’ achievements, the venue was packed to the point that additional seating was added in the adjacent courtyard. It was a beautiful evening from start to finish and the yeshiva thanks all who participated. Additionally, the yeshiva expresses its hakaras hatov to the faculty and staff for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year, as well as the many friends who have been supportive of its efforts.

Located in the vibrant community of North Miami Beach, FL, Yeshiva of Miami provides high school-age young men with a full range of limudei kodesh and general studies subjects within a Torah environment. Students may begin their college coursework concurrently with their final years of high school. In addition to the yeshiva’s local student population, they are pleased to welcome students from across the United States. Registration is open for the 2019-2020 academic year. For information about the yeshiva’s program or to arrange a visit, please call 305-204-5966 or e-mail office@yeshivaofmiami.com.


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