Mr Charlie Harary, Rabbi Dovid Wechsler - Rosh Mesivta-Head of School, Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz - Principal Limudei Kodesh


Monday evening December 17, the South Florida community gathered to hear the world-renowned Charlie Harary. Without exaggeration, Mr. Harary’s talk on “Glasses to Greatness” was truly inspiring and positively electrifying. Speaking at the Captain Hyman P. Galbut Jewish Learning Center Chabad in Miami Beach to a packed hall, including a completely full second floor, it was evident from the moment Mr. Harary began speaking that it was going to be a fabulous evening. The crowd represented a broad cross-section of the South Florida Jewish community, and it was abundantly clear that Mr. Harary was reaching every sector with his engaging and entertaining style. Each member of the audience benefited from his words in his or her own way.

Mr. Harary spoke about the numerous ways in which our preconceived notions as well as our perceptions about ourselves and others all play a major role in shaping our reality. While it takes a great deal of effort and hard work, the only way to change that reality is, of course, to change our “glasses,” meaning, to change the way we are seeing ourselves, others, and life’s situations and circumstances. Looking through the correct lenses leads to success in our personal lives, the chinuch of our children, our relationships with others, and b’ezras Hashem, to the ultimate geulah.

This evening’s success would not have been possible without the yeshiva’s dedicated parents and friends. YOM expresses hakaras hatov to Mrs. Shaindy Hollander, Mrs. Elana Teicher, and Mrs. Dvorah Wechsler, who worked tirelessly from day one on all the “little details” to ensure a grand evening. The unique Babka Bar provided by Mrs. Chava Drang of La Babka, and the deluxe coffee station were enjoyed by all. In particular, thanks to YOM parent Mrs. Cindy Itzkowitz for providing the beautiful and delicious fruit display. YOM expresses its deep gratitude to sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Shloime Friedman, Mr. and Mrs. Josh Kon, Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pomper, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Schechter l’ilui nishmas Mr. Shechter’s father, Moshe Yosef ben Yehuda, a’h, and Rabbi and Mrs. Ovadya Wechsler. Their generous participation has earned them a large cheilek not only in the evening’s success, but in the impact Mr. Harary’s message will have on all who attended.

Located in the vibrant Torah community of North Miami Beach, Yeshiva of Miami strives to provide talmidim with a satisfying yeshiva experience which affords them the opportunity to grow and develop as b’nei Torah at a pace and in a way that is sustainable for them. Under the dedicated leadership of Rosh Mesivta/Head of School Rabbi Dovid Wechsler and Limudei Kodesh Principal Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz, the yeshiva is committed to this mission because every boy deserves to love yeshiva. Baruch Hashem, enrollment has more than doubled from last year, and many guests at the event approached the hanhalah to inquire about the yeshiva for the coming school year. To learn more about Yeshiva of Miami and to request an application for the 2019-2020 academic year, please contact or 305-204-5966.


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