In celebration of 58 years of Torah education, the Yeshiva of South Shore will honor vibrant community leaders at their 58th Annual Banquet, to be held on Sunday evening, March 1, at the Sands of Atlantic Beach.

YOSS - Meir and Alisa Krengel

Guests of Honor: Meir and Alisa Krengel. The Krengels’ relationship with the yeshiva and community dates back to its founding, with Meir’s great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents’ integral contributions to the yeshiva and the infrastructure of Torah life and values in the Five Towns. Since entering the yeshiva almost 40 years ago as a preschooler, Meir has become a vital part of the neshamah of YOSS, where he serves on the presidium. From Congregation Bais Medrash, where he serves as gabbai, to MAY and Achiezer, where he serves on the board, and to Hatzalah and countless other organizations in which he is involved, Meir’s proactive approach makes him one of the foremost go-to people for every need imaginable. With level-headed advice and positivity, Meir and with his wife, Alisa, have a heart and soul that is one with every member of the community. Alisa, an anchor of support for her husband’s activities, is a past president of their shul’s sisterhood, a volunteer for Achiezer and the proprietor of Ciao Bimbi. The Krengels’ children, alumnus Moishe, an 11th-grader at MAY, Chaim, an eighth-grader at YOSS, and Ahuva, a first-grader at Shulamith, are a source of nachas to their family.

YOSS - Shmulie and Rochelle Klier

Parents of the Year: Shmulie and Rochelle Klier. The Kliers exude enthusiasm for yiddishkeit and our community. Shmulie is the chief financial officer at Van Biema Value Partners, an asset management firm, and chairs the Young Leadership Committee. Rochelle, a speech-language pathologist who specializes in the Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach, is a volunteer for “Safety Kid” and Magen Li. Active members of Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok, Shmulie serves as vice president and Rochelle is a member of the chesed committee. Shmulie and Rochelle have four amazing children: Shani, Leora, Talia, and dear talmid Aryeh.

YOSS Moskowitz collared shirt YOSS Moskowitz pic2

Torah Legacy Awardees: Seymour A. Moskowitz and Paul D. Moskowitz. The Moskowitzes are kindhearted brothers who have continued the tradition of their beloved parents, Louis and Ruth Moskowitz, ob’m. The friendship between the Hirsch-Moskowitz and the Kamenetzky families is bound with their love for Jewish education and children, going back decades to Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky, zt’l, roshyeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, where their cousin Henry Hirsch served as president. For decades, their parents generously supported the yeshiva, and Sy and Paul have continued that tradition through generous scholarships in their memory, thus assuring a Jewish education for scores of Jewish children over the last decade. The principals of Rumal Realty and other residential real-estate holding corporations, Sy and Paul are members of the Atlantic Beach and Hewlett communities and are strong supporters of the Atlantic Beach Jewish Center and Israel Bonds.

YOSS - Mr. Ronald Krigsman

Alumni Wall of Fame Dedication: Mr. Ronald Krigsman, z’l. Ronald Krigsman’s love for learning Torah and for those who embody Torah study was a force that drove him and his beloved wife, Sonya ybl’c, to raise a family of committed b’neiTorah. He was known for his amazing work ethic, open heart, and brilliant career, which was revered by everyone in the engineering and building industries, as well as our community. The Krigsmans are a true Toras Chaim family–from Ronald’s years at Yeshiva Toras Chaim in East New York, to their years as YOSS parents of Saadya, Chaim, and Tzvi, as well as their daughter Sharon, who attended the preschool of YOSS.

YOSS - Rabbi Yaakov Pressman

Marbitz Torah Awardee: Rabbi Yaakov Pressman. Rabbi Pressman embodies the era when a rebbe was more than someone who taught you Torah. A talmid of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath where he learned under HaGaon Rav Yaakov Kamenetzky, zt’l, Rabbi Pressman imparts a living example to his talmidim of a true talmidchacham in the way he davens, eats, speaks–and even relaxes. In addition to Rabbi Pressman teaching Torah in the yeshiva for almost five decades, he has scores of talmidim throughout the area with whom he continues to learn on a constant basis. The yeshiva is proud to honor him as an icon and a true treasure to our yeshiva and community.

From its founding in East New York in 1927, and for 58 years on Long Island, Yeshiva Toras Chaim of South Shore has inculcated thousands of children and young men with Torah values and the leadership skills to enable the torch of Jewish leadership to pass to future generations. Today the yeshiva is proud of its largest enrollment in history with expanded facilities, programs, and individualized education on every level.

By attending the 58th Annual Banquet, you will assure the continuity of the yeshiva as a vibrant Torah center for our community, our families, and our children. For more information, please contact the yeshiva at 516-374-7363, ext. 12, e-mail, or visit


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