When Yeshiva of Far Rockaway first opened its doors, it was housed in one tiny building. Since then, as the yeshiva has flourished and outgrown its initial abode, the dormitory facilities have spread out over five separate apartments–not an ideal arrangement.

Now, with the construction of the yeshiva’s newly updated state-of-the-art student residence under way, the bachurim will soon be able make better use of their time as everything they need will be in close proximity–from learning to sleeping arrangements to meals. The setup of the residence itself, as well as its optimal location, will keep distractions to a minimum, and the bachurim will be able to put their full focus on their Torah studies and reach greater heights in learning.

Yeshiva of Far Rockaway also recently built a modern gym and added more classrooms to its main building. This exciting residence project will, iy’H, be the final phase in the yeshiva’s current stage of development.

The yeshiva has contracted with Mr. Harry Junger from Junger Construction to oversee the renovation process, and construction is moving at a fast pace. As of this writing, the building has been gutted, a new roof is on its way up, the floors and beams are being repaired, and the fire escape has been redone. The stucco, brick, and supports around the windows are in the process of being replaced. In addition, the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as the bathrooms, the windows, and the alarm and sprinkler systems, are all being replaced. The yeshiva is scheduled to take occupancy of the building in time for the Elul z’man, in September 2015.

There are many dedication opportunities available. Please help Yeshiva of Far Rockaway realize its dream! Please contact Rabbi Shayeh Kohn by calling 718-327-7600, faxing 718-327-1430, or e-mailing yfr1@verizon.net. v


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