Yeshiva Gedolah of the Five Towns has established a presence as a serious makom Torah dedicated to the growth of its bachurim and yungerleit. Bachurim returning from Eretz Yisrael and seeking to continue their development have come to learn in the yeshiva and take in the clarity and dedication offered by the different maggidei shiur, Rav Goodman, shlita, Rav Kaminsky, shlita, Rav Moshe Miller, shlita, and Rav Meir Yehuda Kotowitz, shlita. The yeshiva is under the direction of Rav Moshe Zev Katzenstein, shlita, who takes every new talmid under his wing and continues to nurture and develop his growth.

The yeshiva is still a beneficiary of the influence of Rav Yitzchok Knobel, shlita, who was the founder of the yeshiva and left his indelible imprint on the yeshiva with his Torah knowledge and kesher to the gedolim of the previous generation. Many bachurim continue in the kollel after they get married to take advantage of the opportunities the yeshiva offers.

The reception will take place at the White Shul, Kneseth Israel, 728 Empire Avenue in Far Rockaway. Buffet reception: 7 p.m.; program: 8 p.m. RSVP to 516-295-8900, ext. 4, visit, or email

Guests of Honor: Mr. and Mrs. Mikey Richman. The Richmans, in their quiet but significant way, are pillars of the yeshiva and the community. Mikey serves on the board of directors, but his value to the yeshiva goes way beyond that. He is a mainstay in the yeshiva for davening, not only partaking, but actively involved as a shliach tzibur, as a constant mispallel enjoying the Yeshiva davening and especially the special occasions, Simchas Torah, and the rest of the yomim tovim! He comes regularly to learn and join in hashkafah shiurim, and his consistency is a great asset. His eishes chayil, Rebecca, is a partner in all his accomplishments, as well as a force in the community in chesed and hachnasas orchim. They are a true team of chesed, chashivus Torah u’tefillah, and Kiddush Hashem. YGFT is grateful that they humbly accepted this honor only to help the yeshiva and bring honor to the Torah.

Avodas HaKodesh Award: Rabbi and Mrs. Keevy Fried. Keevy’s essence and everything he does is avodas ha’kodesh. His work in the OU, especially his efforts to inspire teenagers to come closer to Torah, is done with the passion and love of a true oved Hashem. His commitment to the yeshiva in all its aspects is a chizuk for everyone around him. His eishes chayil, Deena, is his partner in all of his endeavors and is a beacon of ahavas chesed at every opportunity. They are true role models of avodas ha’kodesh and YGFT is grateful they accepted this honor l’hagdil Torah u’l’ha’adirah.

Harbatzas Torah Award: Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Miller. Rav Miller is a concerned, caring rebbe to hundreds of talmidim. He is focused on every aspect of their lives and their growth. He is a presence of Torah in the beis ha’midrash with his breadth of knowledge in all areas of learning. He learns with many ba’alei batim, and gives the parshah shiur on Shabbos morning. His eishes chayil is an integral part of the yeshiva’s success in many ways. She stands behind her husband’s mesirus nefesh and contributes to the success of the bachurim in her own way, including helping them to find their shidduch. They are a wonderful couple of harbatzas haTorah, and YGFT is proud to honor them at the upcoming dinner.



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