Jewish students pursuing their medical education at New York Medical College (NYMC), a division of Touro College and University system, will join the Young Israel of White Plains for a first-ever Shabbaton on February 13-14, Shabbat Parashat Mishpatim.

“This Shabbaton is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate how Touro fulfills its mission both inside and outside of the classroom. The NYMC students are finding mentors in the Young Israel of White Plains and the Young Israel congregants are meeting future Jewish leaders. It is the start to a wonderful relationship between the school and the Westchester community,” said Ira Bedzow, director of the biomedical ethics and humanities program, at Touro’s NYMC.

The goal of the Shabbaton is to deepen the Jewish students’ communal experience, introduce them to medical professionals who can serve as mentors, and enable them to contribute to the community. Eighteen NYMC students are planning to attend, including Beth Weinstein Bentley of Woodmere and Shimon Farber of Lawrence. Students will provide Torah thoughts at a communal Shabbat dinner on Friday night and throughout the weekend.

“Our congregation has long been home to both medical professionals and patient families from other communities, because of our close proximity to many outstanding local and regional medical centers,” said Dr. Howard Weiner, pediatric neurosurgeon at NYU Langone Medical Center and president of Young Israel of White Plains.

“We are proud of our strong bikur cholim program, and our many prominent physicians and nurses are looking forward to sharing professional and communal experiences with the medical students. Young Israel of White Plains is delighted to foster the development of these students, both as aspiring physicians and as active and engaged Jewish community members,” said Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg, rabbi of Young Israel of White Plains and mashgiach at Yeshivas Ohr HaChaim in Queens.


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