By Rabbi Yitzie Ross


As a frum mother, I take issue with the many people who are judging me on a daily basis. I firmly believe that vaccinations are dangerous, and I have seen the studies and information firsthand. Yet, because others are ill-informed or misguided, they are excluding my children from activities and treating them like outcasts. One of my former good friends won’t allow my children to play with her children anymore because my kids aren’t vaccinated. It’s so silly; if they think vaccinations really help, why are they worried about us being vaccinated? They’re “protected!” I feel really bad for my kids and wish I could explain to them that I’m doing this because I love them so much. The issue is that my kids, ages 6, 9, and 13, are hearing false narratives and lies and they are so confused. How can I convince my children that I’m here to help? I’ll even put my name to this question.

Name Redacted


I really didn’t want to get drawn into this, but I’ve been receiving many emails from both sides. I removed your name since I feel uncomfortable publishing it.

There are many rabbanim and doctors who are far more qualified to discuss this topic, but, for the sake of the children, I’m going to share my two cents. To make sure I was not biased in either direction, I read information from both sides.

I read the Vaccine Safety Handbook A4 which was published in late 2017 by P.E.A.C.H., an anonymous organization allegedly dedicated to helping children. I also carefully read their “Tachlis Information Flyer,” which answers many questions about vaccinations. We’re not talking about a small fringe group, but rather a large group of people that has the blessings of some of our gedolim.

I didn’t have to go far to find many articles “debunking” the myths of “anti-vaxxers.” I read lots of information, although I didn’t read anything that was produced by pharmaceuticals, since one could argue that they might be biased and self-serving. I read articles from both sides, written by doctors and rabbanim, and researched their claims as best as I could.

I refuse to be drawn into name-calling. It’s obvious to me that one side is misinformed and making a terrible mistake. We, as humans, have a hard time admitting we’re wrong. Once we decide on an opinion we’re closed-minded, and tend to block out differing views. Baruch Hashem, I have tens of thousands of online readers, and countless more who read these articles in various newspapers. I’m hoping that my readers understand that I’ve been completely neutral in researching this controversial topic. All I ask is that you read the entire article before responding to me. If at any point you disagree, that’s fine. Just please finish the entire article.

I spoke to a father who is 100 percent against vaccinations. I asked him, “What would it take to get you to understand the importance of vaccinations?” He told me, “If a voice came down from the heavens, I still wouldn’t listen!” He then quoted the pasuk “Lo baShamayim hi,” insinuating that it is our responsibility as people to make the correct decisions.

I then spoke to a father who is pro-vaccination and asked him the opposite question. He replied, “I’ll give away all my money to an organization of your choice. It’ll never happen!” He was quiet for a few seconds and then he continued. “I actually didn’t do any research. I’m very confident that I’m correct.”

Therefore, it seems that both sides have convinced themselves that not only are they correct, but the other group is making a massive chillul Hashem or is the victim of a nefarious “conspiracy theory.” I don’t believe that anyone in this controversy is inherently evil; rather, there must be a plethora of incorrect information going around. I’ve been on a quest to find the truth.

Let’s first remove the information that’s useless. The anti-vaxxers frequently quote our president, Donald Trump. He is being quoted as confirming the dangers or unknowns of vaccinations. Is this true? The answer is: yes. He is on record as saying many things on this subject, including, more recently, advocating vaccinations. However, although I love most of his policies, self-control is not one of his stronger points. Our president has a habit of weighing in on things he knows very little about. He is neither a scientist nor a doctor, and, therefore, b’mechilas k’vodo, I won’t be using his statements to advocate for either position on vaccinations.

Many rabbanim and gedolim have been drawn into the fray. I’ve heard the names of some truly great leaders being used as support on both sides. I don’t know how gedolim make their judgments, but without direct evidence of what they said and a direct explanation of why they said it, I cannot offer an opinion about it. Therefore, although every iota of my being has been raised to follow the gedolim, I’m going to research this from a different angle. I’m not saying, chas v’shalom, that I don’t trust our gedolim. As anyone who has read my columns knows I am a huge proponent of speaking to a rav. Rather, I’m trying to ascertain from a purely scientific view what the correct path is to follow.

I’m not even going to allow doctors to tell me what’s right or wrong. My doctor has a strong opinion, but if the pharmaceutical companies want to push an opinion, it would seem that doctors would be the first influencers on their list. Again, I’m not saying that I don’t trust doctors. On the contrary, my doctor’s opinion is important to me. In this instance, though, I’m trying to be 100 percent unbiased. I hope that I’ve accomplished my goal. If I’ve offended anyone with this lengthy introduction, please forgive me, as it was not intentional. I really didn’t want to get involved in this debate, but, again, if children are being affected, I must weigh in.

What this really boils down to are two simple questions.

  1. Are vaccinations necessary?
  2. Are they safe?

To answer those questions, I did some of my own research. I didn’t read any articles that were suggested by either side. I won’t bore you with all the information, but it was exhaustive. I checked to see if there was any correlation to autism. I analyzed the ingredients in the vaccines to see if they were harmful. I tracked down and spoke with professors from both sides of the argument. The answer was really quite shocking.

Are vaccinations necessary? The answer is: Only if we want to prevent and eliminate harmful diseases. Are they safe? Yes. To be brutally honest, finding this information wasn’t difficult. The proofs and facts are indisputable. So, what about the many proofs that are brought by those who claim how dangerous vaccinations are? I researched them. Lies! That’s a harsh word, but it’s a fact. Much of the information being disseminated in these pamphlets and other media is completely incorrect.

One example is how the anti-vaccination pamphlet lists the ingredients of the vaccines. Mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, fetal cells, gelatin. The list seems endless, and the pamphlet details how dangerous each ingredient seems to be. However, it neglects to mention the quantities, reasons, and testing methods for each ingredient. If you do any research whatsoever, you’ll realize that it’s completely safe. Here’s an example. One pamphlet I read details the serious dangers of aluminum in the bloodstream. Many paragraphs explain what aluminum can do to a body. However, a quick search online found the following.

“In the first six months of life, babies receive about four milligrams of aluminum if they get all of the recommended vaccines. However, during this same period they will ingest about 10 milligrams of aluminum if they are breastfed, 40 milligrams if they are fed regular infant formula, and up to 120 milligrams if they are fed soy-based infant formula.”

Basically, it’s like hearing a court case with only one side present. The anonymous people aren’t hiding because they are worried for their safety. They are hiding behind the shield of anonymity because they know that they are deliberately misleading others. I am not exaggerating when I say that researching this topic was very simple. The facts are right in front of us!

I’m not sure what people have to gain by deceiving others about this. Perhaps they think they’re doing a chesed for the community? Perhaps they’re conspiracy theorists? In any case, if you’re reading this and you’re anti-vaccinations, there are two things you should know.

  1. You’ve been lied to.
  2. You’re harming others.

Without turning this forum into a quasi-medical journal, here are some fundamental facts regarding vaccinations. Getting vaccinated doesn’t make you 100 percent safe. There is still a small chance you can get very sick. Therefore, the argument of “If they want to get vaccinated, it’s fine, but leave us alone” is a poor and selfish one. Additionally, very young children cannot get vaccinated. Do you realize the heartache and pain you’re causing when a young couple’s first child gets measles at six months of age because you believe it’s a “simple disease?” Sure, you wanted a fun chol ha’moed, but during that outing you destroyed the lives of others. How horribly selfish!

You want proof that you’re wrong? Much of the information I read in your magazines and articles poked fun at doctors. It portrays them as simpletons, nincompoops, and money-hungry barbarians. Really? Aren’t these the same people who are there 24/7 to help you and your loved ones? When your children are sick, do you start second-guessing whatever they say? How could you possibly think that anonymous people, putting out incorrect pamphlets, are smarter and more caring than the doctor who has devoted his or her life to helping others?

That should have been the biggest warning sign. Once people start sowing distrust among you and those you’re close with, you should realize that they’re incorrect. We’re supposed to promote peace and unity! We all know Hillel’s famous statement in Pirkei Avos: “Be among the disciples of Aharon — a lover of peace (ohev shalom) and a pursuer of peace (rodef shalom).” Telling people not to trust their doctors or rabbanim seems to be the opposite of what the Mishnah tells us.

On the flip side, yelling and making fun of those who don’t vaccinate won’t help either. If anything, it pushes those people further away. Someone told me, “This is why the goyim hate us!” It’s sheker! Those who want to hate us will do so no matter what. We’re not even giving them ammunition; they create their own ammunition at will.

If someone really wants to help those who don’t know, there are better ways to do it. Validate that they have information that seems accurate, but explain that those who know best have proven this information false. Most importantly, vaccinate your children as soon as possible, and get the booster shots.

To answer the question you posed, I wouldn’t let my kids hang out with your children. You have been lied to, and you are hurting others with your stubborn inaction. Those who are yelling at you are wrong in using that tactic, but their hearts are in the right place. They want to stop innocent people from getting sick. If you’re a good mother and want to do what’s best for your family, please vaccinate your children.

Rabbi Yitzie Ross is a well-known rebbe and parenting adviser. To comment on this post visit sign up for the weekly emails and read the comments, visit


  1. I’m very disappointed by the unscientific and shallow response, after the tremendous introduction suggesting much research was done. On the contrary, your “quick search online“ suggesting aluminum in vaccines must be totally fine because babies drink aluminum in formula and breast milk was a bit too quick.

    This overly simplistic comparison is unscientific; injection is not ingestion. In fact, a Pubmed search of the scientific literature will reveal countless articles by world renowned researchers including Exely and Schoenfeld, that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines are actually quite unhealthy and give rise not only to autoimmine disease, but also to primary ovarian failure, otherwise known as infertility.

    Therefore, vaccines are not guaranteed to be safe. In fact, dr Gregory Poland, editor of peer reviewed journal Vaccine, urges for an updated MMR. There are too many things to detail here; suffice to say your quick online search was a bit too quick.

    Considering that a primary mitzvah is having children, in vaccinating our children we are precluding them from fulfilling this mitzvah.

    Very disappointing article. Parents would do well, however, to heed Rabbi Ross’ advice and follow his example in not taking medical advice from a rabbi (especially one who cannot provide basic current scientific knowledge). In that, he is quite correct.

  2. I am an avid reader but I find this really disturbing. After establishing how neutral you are and how much research you’ve done….
    You did a google search and came up with the answer to the aluminum in vaccines..
    Here’s the thing: Only a minuscule amount of ingested aluminum is absorbed in the small intestine while virtually all injected aluminum is absorbed in the body by bypassing the digestive system. Also, the aluminum in vaccines are nano particles, which means they are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier. Dr. Romain Gherardi and Dr. Josette Cadusseau from the University of Paris demonstrated the biopersistence of Aluminum hydroxide which is used in vaccines. Dr. Chris exley from British Columbia found that microphages can bring the aluminum hydroxide to the brain.
    This is why calling people liars (even in a nice way) is so wrong. Rather, it would be appropriate to have an open forum for this complicated matter to be discussed without presumption.

  3. Oy.
    It was a very nice introduction followed by an awful conclusion.
    My friends baby went unconscious (SIDS) the day after vaccinations. Did she lie to me?
    My neice developed severe allergies and horrible eczema right after her shots. Did she lie to me?
    My neices vision became impaired after vaccinations. Did she lie to me?
    My friend developed rhumatoid arthritis after vaccination. Did she lie to me?
    The hundreds of thousands of parents, sharing their first hand story on social media and youtube because that is the only platform that they can (and even their they are being censored and silenced) are all lying to us?
    Reb Yid, you need to stop calling these people liars because all they want to do is prevent it from happening to yours.
    Im so grateful for their bravery, no one is fighting for the safety of our children like they are.

    • BSD

      Dear Rabbi Ross,

      I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. When we grow up with certain beliefs that we did not take the efforts to corroborate thoroughly and blind trust expert HUMAN beings, and most everyone grows up with the same intimidated mindset – that becomes your truth. Is it really any different than millions of Christians believing in the false entity of immaculate conception and Jc, son of G-d? Millions of humans, as well as many Jews grew up with the same disempowering brain washing.

      Have you bothered to check the incriminating documents that were procured after suing the Department of Health and Human Services? Take a look at – if integrity is an important value to you (one of MANY websites where you can easily discern truth, if you WANT).

      Hashm blessed me with having a menahel who was renowned for his impeccable ehrlichkeit – Rav Menachem Manis Mandel ztl. While he was alive, I remember hearing adults murmur among themselves about how “naïve” this rabbi mandel is because he’s so anal about where donated money for the yeshiva comes from. The yeshiva certainly always needed money – but he knew as clear as day how easy it is to be bought by unscrupulous people. He wasn’t just a role model – he came regularly to all the classes to tell us stories about situations where he was tested and where we will ALL be tested. It seems to be a lost art to question oneself how I may be tainted by negee’os as did the Tanaim who recognized their own fickleness as a human being and were careful to recuse themselves from judging at a din Torah if a baal din so much as smiled at them. I’ve spoken to many rabbanim over the years who will never even touch that fact that they are not objective because doctors are supporting their mossad, shul, etc. There are all kinds of biases, not just money or support. Is it possible that a parent’s negiah would be that they already willy nilly vaccinated all their children, blind trusting a corrupt US govt and indoctrinated doctors with the most precious gift from Hashm – their children’s health and well being? How many people do you know who would be able to comfortably handle such guilt and regret, forgetting that Hashm accepts heartfelt teshuvah and that He can truly heal their children?

      A couple of rabbanim were so flippant when I called to report how a doctor was negligent with my life. When Hatzallah took me to the hospital, the emt asked me about the details and when I told him who the doctor was – he said “how do you use such a doctor, he has so many “stories” under his belt”. After I miraculously recovered (the doctor in the hospital told me that I was fortunate to be alive) – I called my local rav whose shiurim I attended. When I told him the details, he basically told me that I was making it up and hung up on me. I didn’t call for myself – I called because that’s what a moral human does, never mind, a Jew who is commanded “lo saamode al dam rei’echa”. 4 months later, this man in the prime of his 40s with a huge family, r”l succumbed to a sudden illness and passed away. Not caring about Hashm’s children? This happened to other rabbanim as well to whom I and other concerned individuals went to speak – but they stubbornly stuck to their loyal doctors’ terribly unscientific protocols, whether it’s vaccines or chemo/radiation.

      We live in an almah d’shikrah – it seems to me that many people in our “torah observant” society don’t realize that they are susceptible to the seduction of the galus edom mindset and have gotten quite entangled in it’s net. What we have, Rabbi Ross, in our communities – Just go down the list of all the “chessed” organizations – EVERY last tzarah is because we are not on our toes as far as valuing and building true emunah, bitachon, character, ehrlichkeit, and communication skills and, therefore, we’ve fallen into the trap of destroying our well being and resilience and need to be cared for by more and more organizations instead of learning how to be really self reliant and healthy. You and every single vaccine worshipper have not taken the pains to understand how the immune system works, nor learned anything about the Divine chessed that childhood developmental illness provides for overall lifetime vitality. In the place of ignorance which is always paired with sheker, comes loud accusatory arrogant condemnations for the enlightened segment of our society who have vibrantly and robustly healthy children because they LEARNED how to put good things into them and keep bad things (like vaccines) out of them – and then Hashm blessed them for being accountable to properly care for HIS children. Remember what happens when you point the finger at who is causing the sinas chinam – look carefully at those 3 little fingers pointing back.

      By ignorantly promoting vaccines – you are promoting brain damage however subtle in those children who are assumed to be unharmed. That oh-so-subtle “normal” brain damage is at the root of ALL the social sickness pandemic throughout vaccinated societies, including gender dysphoria, bullying, victimization, and eating disorders. This is not theory – these are obvious FACTS documented in studies and more than obvious in your face. If you will not do the main “research” – to spend sufficient time with a nonvaxd community of children and then compare to a vaxd community – you will never get it. If you refuse to take the time to listen to REAL doctors who have done teshuvah and rejected vaccines like Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Bob Sears, and Dr. Larry Palevsky (whose uncle was rosh hayeshiva in Mountaindale) – can you say so self-assuredly that you have no negios?

      To build character as we are supposed to be focused on now during sefirah – we must learn the basics of who we are and what are the invisible parts of us that make us tick. It’s interesting that this field of becoming authentic and actualizing our soul’s purpose is becoming huge in the world at large, yet it’s so disappointing to see that there’s little interest in working on these topics in our communities in a holistic fashion. Yes, there are SO many shiurim on these topics and books up to the gazoo – but if the topics are learned in a “left brained” disconnected way – somehow the content never gets integrated into the person’s psyche and behavior….another trait of galus edom – as we know Eisav was the quintessential talmid chacham….in his head. As we know it’s only his head that’s buried with wholesomely integrated Yaakov Avinu.

      As the parenting coach that you are – I find it interesting that I didn’t detect the slightest understanding, respect, or even a wee bit of curiosity as to how I came to believe everything I wrote in my comment. How is it that someone who would like to consider himself a baal middos, I’m sure – should be so dismissive of another Jew’s reality, never mind – a mother, grandmother, long-time educator, functional health coach, and labor coach? Perhaps, because you already decided “your truth” and what happens to another Jew to be “nosseh b’ol im chaveiro” doesn’t concern you when the topic is the “fear of measles” (today, tomorrow it’ll be zika, or ebola, or flu, again -whatever pharmafia decides the media should blow up.) Yes, you’re right – it is conspiracy, not theory, but REAL conspiracy. Dr. Peter Goetche who founded the ONCE independent Cochrane Collaborative ( that just kicked him off the board because he refused to accept a generous gift from vaccine designer, the generous eugenicist, Bill Gates). He started another group of independent moral scientists to inform the public of pharma shenanigans. Italy has gone through a vaccine saga that BH has led to the new leader kicking out the pharma reps who held powerful positions in their health ministry and were forcing vaccines on the public. After that overthrow (that you will not hear about in mainstream media or “jewish media” – a group of independent Italian scientists – the Corvelva Group analyzed routine vaccines given to infants. Suffice it to say – most people can’t fathom such diabolical evil. This “conspiracy” is called Vaccinegate – also available online.

      You admit that you barely scratched the surface of this topic while my experience and deep delving into this issue spans more than 3 decades, covering every single facet of the vaccine agenda – historically, politically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and, of course, scientifically. If you would observe yourself and read over how you are responding to people much older, wiser, and researched than yourself on this topic – there’s a chance that even you may be zoche to choose “Hashm Hu haElokim”. Yes! That’s where we are in repeating history – at the top of Har Carmel with Eliyahu haNavi saying “ad massai atem poschim al shtai ha’se’eefim – im Hashm Hu ha’Elokim, l’chu acharav, v’im ha’VACCINES – l’chu acharayhem”.

      So, who, pray tell, did you have in mind to “educate” me on this topic? I’m always willing to learn from others – but derech eretz kadmah l’Torah and EVERYTHING. If they have no mentchlichkeit, they have no truth. I’ve been in touch with many prominent vaccine promoters – the vaccine issue is just an extension of their real issues – fear of their own truth, but NOT fear of G-d.

      Right now – you are securely supported with the “majority”. That’s a “major” theme historically – the “majority” have never been those embracing the truth. We know that our Partriarch Avraham Avinu was called the “Ivri” – the only one who stood for truth against the world. Yosef haTzaddik embraced truth, 1/5 of klal Yisrael embraced truth & followed Hashm out of Mitzrayim, the Dor Dei’ah were ready to stone the “minority” of the meraglim – Yehoshua and Calev, and on and on through history….so, again – history repeats…the truth seekers are the seeming minority. Please remember that if you decide to announce that you side with the truth – that every mother has the Divinely granted OBLIGATION to do thorough OBJECTIVE research about her options vis a vis disease protection – you will be on the winning team. HaShomer Emes l’Olam is always in charge. I know it and it’s clear that vaccines is the avodah zarah de jour and MUST be smashed as Abba Avraham did so long ago. It’s time to do teshuvah. You are an influencer – what legacy do YOU want to leave?

  4. Unfortunately, I can only comment on the blog on my website – since I receive comment notifications. I was told to check here, but I will not be able to comment on posts on this site. Suffice it to say, as I replied to the first poster, I did the research, and you can see my response on my website. Incidentally, I didn’t use google search, rather I spoke with people on both sides, and made a careful and informed decision.

    Whereas you don’t like my conclusion, unlike many people, I researched both sides. I read Exely’s paper many times before I published my response, and I read the papers that disproved his theory. I urge you to do real research, not to just try and find conclusions that match your predetermined end-result. I ever called anyone a liar, nor do I plan to. I do think people are misinformed. An open forum discussion would be wonderful – why not try and set it up.

    I will not be responding to or reading further posts on this site.

    Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  5. Rabbi Ross,

    Sadly it looks like you are very biased in your article contrary to what you thought you’d put out, after the tremendous introduction suggesting much research was done!

    First let’s talk safety – the cdc was sued exactly for that – since 1986 the safety studies weren’t happening and the Supreme Court agreed and the case was won (why safety testing isn’t starting, I can’t answer since I don’t know). For one example and no, not because of Wakefield – his study was in 1998 I believe…and my family hasn’t vaccinated since the early 80’s before President Reagan signed the Act (which promised safety testing yearly)!
    For my example, how can people, sit by and watch the numbers rise, from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 36 and not think we have a problem???

    Also you failed to look at the difference between injected aluminum versus ingested aluminum.
    Wouldn’t any thinking person wonder if there is a different elimination process between those 2 methods? And then look further to discover that there is quite a difference and in fact, we don’t know what the aluminum does in the body, where it ends up or how long it stays there.

    I love my doctor and go to him when I need his expertise and yes he is the best diagnostician out there….but again he has no expertise on vaccines being that he never learned or studied any of their components or side effects!!
    You can go and ask doctors, and go through what it is they learned and the honest ones will tell you the truth about how long they dwelled on vaccines!! If vaccines were safety tested autoimmune diseases wouldn’t be on the rise.
    Have you ever read the vaccine insert when you went to your doctor before saying yes to giving the vaccine to your children? Why is it ok for a mother to be told it has nothing to do with vaccines when her child starts to have seizures, or insane eczema, or crazy high fever 24/48 hours or even a week after their vaccines when her beautiful and perfect child never had anything!!
    What about the long term effects??

    Also how come every time we try to set up a debate between “Anti-Vax” and “Pro-Vax” it never sees the light of day, because the provax bow out!
    What are they afraid of, if they know all the information they need to win the debate?? Why are there tactics on how to make parents not question the vaccine or get informed by the doctor if the doctor has the right information to give?

    Unvaccinated children have been in the school system forever and didn’t spread the disease – if you look closely this “outbreak” which by the way is , I believe still at 0.01 or less of the population therefore shouldn’t even be called an outbreak or epidemic but it is because it’s located amongst the Jews, in close knit communities.

    To quote a picture I saw, “Remember it didn’t start with gas chambers. It started with politicians dividing the people with “us vs them.” It started with intolerance and hate speech and when people stopped caring, became desensitized and turned a blind eye.”

    Do you know how many non Jews are out there that don’t vaccinate??
    The media just wants to ostracize the Jews because that’s what they do best
    But if you’d look deeper, there ARE non jews who don’t vaccinate and they are in the 100k+ in the US. The number has grown four fold since the early 2000’s.

    Holly’s Law, which exempts second MMR if titers are demonstrated after the first. This law is named after a little girl, Holly, who died after her second MMR.

    Also have you looked into how much has been paid out to families with vaccine injury – 4 billion dollars to date.
    As the cdc and VAERS say, only 10% is actually reported as vaccine injury.
    That means 40 billion dollars could have been paid out to the poor families who
    either lost a child or are suffering with children who cannot function on their own!! Look around at how many special education institutions have opened since the 80’s and then the 90’s and then now!
    They don’t stop!!!! Why is this ok???

    I wish you hatzlacha in finding more truths and realizing that mothers who choose not to vaccinate their children know that there is risk in both vaccinating and not vaccinating and don’t stop learning and asking more questions while mothers who vaccinate believe they are doing the right thing and trust their doctors blindly until they are the victim of a vaccine injury.

    Lastly, I don’t care to be wrong or right
    I care to keep my children safe and yes other people’s children safe as well.

    Just remember once the government can make decisions and impose medical decisions on us they can impose whatever they want on us!

    For example: Bris Mila


  6. Won’t get into the details but saying “neutral in researching” and then using pejorative adjectives doesn’t make the article very legitimate… I wish you’d added some links so we can respond accordingly. Quoting the CDC or the FDA on vaccine safety for example wouldn’t be a smart choice since they’re nogeia b’davar!

  7. Actually,
    I DO question everything my doctor tells me, whether my child is well or sick!
    Not bc they are barbaric or money honey or nincompoops (and woah idk where u get ur info from but no fellow vaccine wary friends do either). But, they are only shluchim of Hashem and while medicine has its place, it is grossly misused and over prescribed.
    I prefer to use natural methods of healing when my child is ill and looking at things lile their diet and lifestyle before rushing to treat a symptom with a synthetic drug which has side effects.
    Again, it has its place, but its not a problem to question. Ever.
    So yes, I am consistent.

  8. Dr. Exley has been studying aluminum for the past 35 years. He is a leading expert in aluminum toxicity, however, he has received pushback and been labeled “antivaxxer” since his work led him to vaccines. Dr. Exley has done an enormous amount of research on alzheimers and environmental aluminum. He has many published studies on aluminum. The fact that aluminum is neurotoxic is well established. He has found aluminum adjuvant in vaccines problematic, to say the least. Instead of pursuing his work and doing larger studies, the establishment is doing anything it can to destroy one study in which he found large deposits of aluminum in the brains of people with autism-specifically in the immune cells. His work has not been disproven. More importantly, aluminum has not been proven safe! What you should be demanding is that they prove him wrong with larger studies.
    Unbelievably, vaccines on the current childhood schedule are mandated without clinical trials using a placebo. Gardasil is one example where Aluminum adjuvant is given to most of the control group as a “placebo”. Without proving aluminum safe, this is unconscionable. Interestingly, there was a large incidence of autoimmune disease for all participants, except the small number of girls who did receive an inert placebo- in that group there was zero incidence of autoimmune disease. See Dr. Yehuda Schoenfeld’s work for more about Aluminum adjuvant and autoimmune disease.
    Regarding Gardasil-According to Merck’s own research in one of its clinical trials, if someone has been exposed to HPV strains 16 or 18 prior to vaccination, they may increase their risk of precancerous lesions caused by these two strains by 44.6 percent.
    The clinical trials for the MMR were just released from the FDA through a FIOA request. No saline placebo used. More than half the recipients developed gastrointestinal illness. 40% rate of respiratory illness. Rashes- 15%, “measles like rash” in 6 out of 53 children in one trial -why such small trials in a drug that is to be mandated onto millions? There was a total of about 800 children in all the trials.
    Do not assume parents are lying, and do not assume outliers who do not take industry funding are somehow driven by an “antivaccine” agenda. These assumptions are unfounded. Yes, we need an open forum for this topic, something which has been advocated for but the provaccine side has refused. Look up “One Conversation”.

  9. BSD
    Living in these times, it’s crucial to get an understanding of what are the tests that all humans, Jew & nonJew alike are TRULY up against. If any authentically educated Jew comprehends his/her t’FEEL’ah – it would seem that it is one’s personal responsibility to aim all his/her thoughts, speech, and deed towards making Hash-m “ECHAD” in our lives and our world. This is our individual and collective missions for which the Infinite Creator gave each individual a treasure of resources in which to bring that ultimate goal to fruition.
    We may think that in fact creating UNITY for Hash-m in ourselves, in our relationships, and in the world is just too simplistic. Instead we seek to make things harder for ourselves. Hash-m gave us the ability to think and educate ourselves for the truth. That truth resonates in our souls IF we do not allow ourselves to fall for FEAR mongerers no matter how well credentialed they are. Religious leaders who take the stance that they have to back their supporters because they went to medical school are also part of the fear-mongering team. I’ve spoken with enough rabbis and principals to know that they are NOT in the least interested to know that the complete crumbling of our society – physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually is a direct result of the fear-based, disease-focused, controlling & disempowering pHARMa-ruled medical/therapy system that is all about REPLACING the Infinite Divine Ingenuity of our human design and how our natural processes work. We can call that “SHEINI”. Simply put in “Adon Olam” – “v’Hu Echad, v’ain sheini – l’hamshil LO l’hachbirah”. Since Adam Harishon and Chava were tempted by the Nachash (that’s why pHARMa uses the snake as it’s symbol) – the natural human instinct that we are in this world to overcome to become “G-d-like” is to become a “god replacement” – to CONTROL others. So being brilliant as were nazi scientists – doesn’t make that very REAL SCIENCE into MORAL Divine SCIENCE. pHARMa-medicine is NOT about healing or empowering people to live drug-free, vibrant healthy lives as is quite evidenced by overfilled hospitals, institutions, burgeoning cases for Chai Lifeline, RCCS, Ohel, Refuah, Bonei Olam (when so many people are unhealthy, fertility is at an all-time low. many children born through these “high tech” maneuvers are NOT that healthy either), Amudim, Ohel, MASK, kids of courage, you-fill-in-the-organization, as well as health statistics compiled by the US and the WHO. One has to be VERY naïve not to notice a very obvious conspiracy that the designers of this “system” write about themselves as clever psychopathic billionaires who designed and forced the medical model on society through their many propaganda campaigns by making people believe that it was “ALL” for their comfort and benefit. The “fruit” of a tree follows the disturbed and ill-nourished roots. Boruch Hash-m – there is a growing movement towards G-d consciousness that is bringing back COMPASSIONATE and EMPOWERING human childbirth the way the “ECHAD” designed. Many activists fought to have our babies nourished with food designed by the “ECHAD” (mother’s milk) when that was also ripped away from mothers by injecting drugs to dry up mothers’ milk and then convincing an entire generation of mothers that they are “sophisticated” by using man-made formula. Our doctors were also all conditioned to recommend cigarettes, opiodes, statins, Vioxx, microbiome-destroying antibiotics, steroids, etc. all to make people healthier?????? And we STILL need to replace the perfect design of the psychoneuroIMMUNOlogical system so mind-blowingly intricate with another man-made, cruelly, and immorally derived medical procedure called a “vaccine”???? We haven’t learned our lessons yet? Is it too inconvenient to stand up against the doctors, rabbis, principals, govt, and society to own up to your responsibility to properly care for Hash-m’s children he entrusted to your care????
    The medical model/vaccine effects of this generation in that it has instilled a pervasive sense of anxiety and fear perpetuates its nonsensical use, though the criminal fraud of this vaccine agenda has become MORE and MORE open even as the CDC and WHO documents revealed enough incriminating evidence on vaccines for decades. BH, I learned my difficult lesson after 3 vaccine-affected children and STOPPED. It’s like they’re saying “if your dumb enough to allow these mysterious concoctions to be injected into yourselves, you deserve what you get.” They tell it to you straight. The obvious effects are soooo horrific, yet the majority zombifiangly falls for it and calls it a “mitzvah”. That’s what chazal say – do a sin often enough and it even becomes a “mitzvah”. Since this latest call to vaccinate (which you will find is NOT about measles, but to get you to do even more poison vaccines – as the WHO is paying govt criminals to do to their citizens) – a number of women in my neighborhood who are all about “achdus” are now ignoring me, putting me in “cherem” for telling people to question vaccines. We’re on this earth and in this galus to emulate Hash-m and appreciate ALL His gifts, including measles (Chovos haL;vovos – shaar bechina – perek 5). I would love to discuss all these concepts with those interested in growing from this balagan. If Mr. Gordon continues opening the 5tjt to uncovering all the decades of misinformation on how our bodies REALLY work – which would bring us to greater understanding of ourselves, each other, and our Creator – I am certain that we will have many other G-d fearing holistic practitioners share their insights to help us all heal from vaccine/pHARMa trauma that is weighing us down. We need to cut ties with it as well as with doctors stuck in the old “science” – to soar high into our uniquely individual and collective greatness towards ” Hash-m ECHAD u’shmo ECHAD” – in body, mind, and soul. Thank you Larry – I hope all the other Jewish media wake up and do the right thing.


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