Men and boys packing toys for JCCRP in 2016
By Rabbi Yitzie Ross

In honor of Purim, I’ve compiled an updated list of ten things your child would want you to know … in his or her own words.

  1. Yes, you are great parents. Unless I’m mad at you, in which case I’ll say you’re not. Really you are. (Unless I’m in a bad mood.)
  2. I hate to admit this, but yeshiva is very important. However, if you give me a day off to spend time with you, I won’t complain, and I’ll always cherish it. Just put your phone away when we’re together.
  3. Ever had a bad day? Woke up feeling grumpy and you don’t know why? Me too. I’m still a normal kid (whatever that means).
  4. My favorite part of the day? When you put me to bed and talk about my day. One-on-one time is so special to me, even when we’re talking about silly things.
  5. The worst part of my day? When you’re angry at someone else and you take it out on me. We both know it. You can always apologize to me.
  6. The way you talk to each other is the way I’ll talk to others (and to my spouse, iy’H). I’m very perceptive.
  7. Compliment me. It feels great! Even for the little things. I also love when you give me a hug or a pat on the back, or ruffle my hair. It makes me feel so special.
  8. If I need to be told off, go right ahead. Preface it with “I love you”—I need to hear it also. You don’t need to yell. Just please make sure that none of my siblings are watching.
  9. It’s a different generation. Sorry. I’m not so good about calling friends or making playdates. Please guide me. Don’t keep telling me to put away the phone or iPad. I know it’s not healthy. Just give me some alternatives. It’ll also help if you put yours away.
  10. I’m learning how to be a good Jew by watching you daven, kiss the mezuzah, make berachos, and even sit at the Shabbos table. I closely watch your face to see if you are genuine. I’m very impressionable.

A Freilichen Purim!

Rabbi Yitzie Ross is a well-known rebbe and parenting adviser. To sign up for the weekly e‑mails and read the comments, visit Read more of Rabbi Ross’s articles.


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