Rabbi Wakslak and the Chiger family
Rabbi Wakslak and the Chiger family
Rabbi Wakslak and the Chiger family

This past Motzaei Shabbos, the Young Israel of Long Beach held the Annual Robert Chiger Scholarship Concert, featuring Lipa Schmeltzer and the Shira Choir.

As in years past, the concert, dedicated to the memory of Robert Chiger, raised funds for yeshiva and summer camp scholarships.

Rabbi Dr. Chaim Wakslak, mara d’asra of the YILB, expressed heartfelt expressions of hakaras ha’tov to all who attended. There was a special tribute to Avigail Rechnitz, a’h, at which time the Shira Choir sang a specially composed song, El Hanaar Hazeh Hispallalti, that was originally introduced in Los Angeles. Rabbi Wakslak also introduced an original niggun he composed, Menuchah Sheleimah SheAta Rotzeh Bah, during the course of the concert.

The concert was punctuated with the singing by the participants. An elaborate melevah malkah was served with fruit platters donated by Yanky Brach of Brach’s supermarket and doughnuts by Dunkin’ Donuts. v


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