Young Israel of Woodmere/post Camp Kaylie Kollel

The sweet sounds of Torah permeated the halls of Young Israel of Woodmere over the last several weeks, as the YIW Post-Kaylie Summer Kollel was in full swing. Every day, from Sunday through Friday, more than 40 motivated boys gathered to learn an energetic morning seder under the tutelage of Rosh Kollel Rav Yosef Nusbacher.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiastic positive energy, the boys’ tremendous motivation, as well as the high level of learning that took place on a daily basis,” said Rav Nusbacher, senior rebbe at Yeshiva Shaalvim. “It is an exceptional credit to the students of the kollel, as well as the community at large, that the program was so successful and well received.”

“The goal was to create structured learning for the boys, especially at this critical juncture leading up to their year(s) of spiritual growth in Israel,” said Meir Avracen, coordinator of the kollel. “It also served the very important purpose of enhancing the Kol Torah within the Young Israel of Woodmere, an institution that’s already widely known for its valuing of Torah learning.”

Following davening and breakfast, Rav Nusbacher delivered daily shiurim on sugyot in Arvei Pesachim, which were followed by scrumptious lunches and basketball intramurals in the YIW gym. The kollel members returned at nights as well, to partake in a dynamic night seder program. Rav Shay Schachter, Rosh Bais Medrash at YIW, gave the kollel a number of engaging shiurim, as did numerous guest rabbonim, including Rav Mayer Twersky, Rav Daniel Feldman, Rav Aryeh Lebowitz, Rav Shalom Axelrod, Rav David Fohrman, and Rav Yoni Levin. Additionally, the kollel had a guest morning shiur from Rav Michael Rosensweig, Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University.

“The fact that so many serious Talmidei Chachamim were willing to take from their precious time to share Torah with us served as a testament to the value and importance of our kollel,” said Benyamin Bortz, a member of the kollel and incoming Shana Aleph student at Yeshivat Sha’alvim.

“It was amazing to see so many young men of our community, spending their time off in the summer engaged in serious Talmud Torah,” said Rav Shay Schachter. “Walking through the hallways of the Young Israel of Woodmere, one was overtaken by the sounds of a shiur in the main shul for women, Rabbi Well’s kollel for retired men in the Moshe Shostain Beis Midrash, and a group of close to 50 young men arguing over a line in Tosofos in the Leon Meyer Beis Midrash. Countless members of our shul told me how inspired they were to watch the great enthusiasm and energy of these young Kollel members, and how proud and confident they are of the bright future that lies ahead for the Jewish people.”

A father-son breakfast and morning of learning, as well as a lavish concluding banquet, closed the kollel on a tremendous high. Members walked away with commemorative sweatshirts, but more importantly, with a wealth of Torah knowledge to jumpstart their journeys in yeshiva.



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