Yad Leah hold successful clothing drive
Yad Leah hold successful clothing drive
Yad Leah hold successful clothing drive

The Young Israel of West Hempstead conducted its 5th annual Yad Leah Clothing Drive for Israel. Initially conceived as the brainchild of West Hempstead residents Mrs. Toby Schnall and Mrs. Chaya Pollak, the drive has taken on a life of its own. Under the guidance and direction of Toby and Chaya, the drive has grown larger and larger each year. While many of the donors are members of the Young Israel, others travel from neighboring communities eager to participate and send clothing to needy families in Israel. This year, the collation yielded two entire trucks full of clothing.

Karen Thaler, director of Yad Leah Israel, called from her hometown of Beitar in the middle of the clothing drive to personally thank the West Hempstead community and all the donors and organizers and let them know how each piece of clothing is meaningful. A beautiful Shabbat outfit for a young girl who lacks basic necessities is life-altering. “She walks out of a Yad Leah thrift shop with confidence and a smile.”

Moshe Goldsmith, former mayor in Itamar, commented, “My community is especially grateful for the Yad Leah clothing, especially the warm jackets and sweaters that always arrive prior to the cold winter months.”

Yad Leah’s mission is to assist and support needy families in Israel by providing them with warm, comfortable clothing in a dignified fashion. Yad Leah sends over 300,000 items of clothing each year to 20 communities throughout Israel. By collecting clothing in the United States and distributing that clothing in Israel, Yad Leah has established one gigantic Jewish hand-me-down system. To participate in the hand-me-down process, bring a smile to a Jewish child, or volunteer for Yad Leah, please visit www.yadleah.org or e-mail info@yadleah.org.


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