Yochanan Gordon


By Yochanan Gordon

The big news this week in the continued breakdown of all standards of morality is the governor of Virginia advocating for infanticide. Late last month, when Governor Cuomo supported a bill waiving criminal charges for abortions up until birth, we thought it could not get any worse. Well, folks, technology isn’t the only thing progressing at record speed.

Evil has existed since the genesis of creation. One of the first incidents we read about in the Torah is Cain killing Abel. And while murder is a tragedy in and of itself, perhaps a greater travesty would be some considering murder as a normal course of action.

We are a society of laws with consequences for those who abuse their power or infringe on the laws set out by the ruling government. The Mishnah in Avos states forthrightly that we should pray for the wellbeing of the malchus, for without it one man would devour his brother alive. It almost seems as if murder and a proclivity to break the law is built into the fabric of mankind and if not for laws precluding this type of behavior it would be exercised more freely.

The only thing more tragic than murder itself is the attempt to move it into the accepted discourse of life. People will always do bad things and we will never be able to completely weed them out. However, the moment the lines between what is good and legal and what is bad and illegal are blurred, we are lost as a society.

In Parashas Noach, a sign that the Torah gives for the degradation of that society was the fact that even the animals were copulating with the wrong species. It was a telltale sign of the complete breakdown of morality, causing G-d to question, so to speak, His decision to create the world. In fact, the people who are pushing late-term abortion and now infanticide are the same ones legalizing men using women’s bathrooms, calling for gender equality and fluidity, and labeling anyone who doesn’t understand this a bigot, misogynist, and all the terms that you hear employed by every liberal rant towards the right.

The point in all this is that regardless of how relentlessly they push to legalize murder and abortion, and blur the lines between males and females and their G-d-given roles, we can never allow it to be seen as normal. G-d created a world with boundaries of earth and sea, day and night, and four seasons, and regardless of how many people want to argue that the sea is the dry land and that nighttime is really day, it will never be regarded as such. Now the left wants to push a narrative that a man could be a woman and that it’s up to a mother to choose whether or not her baby should live. The left is clearly on a crash course that ends in tragedy.



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