President-elect Joe Biden poses with the Bidens' German Shepherd, Major, and first lady-elect Jill Biden walks with their other German shepherd, Champ. Major will be the first rescue dog in the White House. Photo credits: Delaware Humane Society via Facebook; Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Joe Biden reportedly fractured his foot last weekend playing with one of his dogs. Now, I am not questioning that the incident involved his foot, which makes perfect sense, as you will see a little later on in this piece. If anything, I’d question the manner in which he fractured his foot, as I didn’t know the president-elect has a dog. To me, it is reminiscent of the “scape-dog” responsible for eating my homework during my school years.

A headline I came across online says the race is on to have Joe Biden completely healed before the inauguration. I just hope that they don’t rush to declare him cured as quickly as states rush to certify the fraudulent results in the middle of the litigation process over serious aspersions of voter fraud and irregularities in the handling of this year’s election.

The Ba’al Shem Tov teaches that everything a person hears or sees during the course of his or her lifetime was Divinely ordained for a specific purpose  — a lesson in his or her avodas Hashem. So when I pointed out to my friend that Joe Biden fell and broke his foot and would in all likelihood be the first president in history to attend his inauguration in a cast if this fraud is not overturned, G-d forbid, I was trying to prod my friend into unearthing the significance of that event.

He responded empathetically by saying that it is not exactly Biden’s fault that he broke his leg. My intention was not to blame him for breaking his foot, but rather to lead my friend to figure out the irony in Biden being the one to break his leg, particularly in the context of this contentious election season.

Although you don’t usually read about hashgachah pratis in a satirical article, the truth is that G-d permeates all things, including satire. Think the milsa divdichusa, which is the humor with which our sages would commence their teachings in order to expand their intellectual faculties to be able to grasp the material. In all seriousness, however, there is no question that G-d had ordained Biden’s broken foot, particularly within this set of circumstances, to send a particular message.

In addition to the teaching of the Ba’al Shem Tov, there is another Chassidic teaching that exhorts us to live with the parashah of each week. A thought occurred to me last Shabbos when reviewing the parashah, specifically about Yaakov working seven years in order to earn Rachel’s hand in marriage, only to realize that his conniving shver switched the bride on him and even justified it by saying that it is not appropriate to marry the younger daughter before the older one. It struck me as interesting that while this electoral heist is playing out right before our eyes, the Torah is discussing the paradigmatic deceiver in history, Lavan the Aramean.

So when reports circulated about Biden’s fractured foot, it was as if G-d had planted a ma’amar Chazal in my mind; it was a wonder to me that nobody had thought of this, not even my friend who is very learned in his own right, much more so than myself.

Chazal in masechta Shabbos teaches us that the difference between emes and sheker is that sheker has no legs to stand upon. In the original Hebrew it is: “Sheker ein lo raglayim.” This means that if you look at the letters that comprise the word “emes” — aleph, mem, and tav — all have multiple legs to stand upon, while “sheker” is comprised of shin, koof, and reish, all letters that have only one leg to stand upon. As such, when I read that Joe Biden fractured his foot, it occurred to me that the embodiment of falsehood and deceit is being forced out into the public to show off his great deception while he limps about on one leg like his counterpart sheker, which also only has one leg. The 1969 edition of the Hebrew dictionary, Even-Shoshan states that deceit has no endurance and the liar will ultimately be revealed, as we see taking place before our eyes.

While the litigation process is currently ongoing, Joe Biden is appointing his government the way many people pick their fantasy sports players prior to each season. It is my fervent hope that the Supreme Court stops this fraudulent election in its tracks, and allows truth to reign.

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  1. “states rush to certify the fraudulent results in the middle of the litigation process over serious aspersions of voter fraud and irregularities in the handling of this year’s election.”

    I assume in your version of events that (1) the Attorney General of the United States appointed by President Trump, (2) the Republican governor and secretary of state of Georgia, (3) the Trump-appointed director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and (4) the dozens of judges — including many appointed by Republican presidents (including by President Trump) who have tossed out the lawsuits from the Trump campaign are all part of the vast conspiracy to suppress the fraud?


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