YOSS talmidim enjoyed their time with HASC children
YOSS talmidim enjoyed their time with HASC children
YOSS talmidim enjoyed their time with HASC children

Yeshiva of South Shore was abuzz with special activities each day of Chanukah. On the first day of Chanukah, the eighth-graders made their annual visit to HASC of Brooklyn. Together with the menahel ha’mechinah, Rabbi Rafi Draiman, the English principal, Mr. Daniel Winkler, and their rebbeim, the talmidim went to sing and dance with the friendly students of HASC. The event began with the lighting of the menorah by a HASC student accompanied by eighth-grader Josh Farkas and the singing of MaozTzur. Rebbeim Rabbi Moshe Shonek and Rabbi Shlomo Drebin provided the lively music. The atmosphere was electric as the students of both YOSS and HASC sang and danced, hand in hand, amid smiles and laughter. Then the talmidim visited each classroom and presented every HASC student with a special personalized gift. Before the conclusion of the visit, Shimee Bergstein, a musically talented eighth-grader, performed a piano solo in honor of HASC. Before heading back to Long Island, the boys stopped on Avenue J for lunch where they had a choice of restaurants to dine in. This visit will long be remembered by the talmidim of YOSS and HASC.

On subsequent days of Chanukah each grade held special assemblies. The first and second grades gathered together to light the menorah, sing Chanukah songs, eat latkes, and win loads of prizes. In attendance to shepnachas from the little kinderlach was the founding roshyeshiva, Rav Binyomin Kamenetzky.

The third and fourth grades held their own assembly led by fourth-grade rebbe Rabbi Yitzy Ross. Rabbi Binyamin Z. Karman, curriculum coordinator, addressed the audience. The fifth grade had a special Chanukah breakfast mesibah with their rebbeim. Rabbi Eli Herzberg held the talmidim spellbound with a fabulous story and d’varTorah. The Mechinah division, grades 6-8, was treated to a most spectacular mesibah. A catered lunch was provided in honor of Chanukah. Addressing the crowd with an inspiring message was the roshyeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky. Rabbi Draiman then introduced a new initiative called the ShtikahB’tefillah Program. The large assemblage then sang Chanukah zemiros together. The ambiance was powerful as the melodious voices of 200 young men sang with all their hearts as one. The group then broke into dancing–one large circle symbolizing Klal Yisrael’s achdus. To cap the event, several hundred dollars’ worth of sefarim and other prizes were raffled off to 20 winners. It was a mesibah to remember.

On motzaeiShabbos, Yeshiva of South Shore had one large learning program which included its three satellite locations as well. Almost 300 boys with their fathers came to bond through Torah learning on the fifth night of Chanukah. As a special treat, a magician was hired to entertain after the learning. The boys were mesmerized by a slew of tricks and illusions. A special yasher koach to Gourmet Glatt for generously sponsoring jelly doughnuts and drinks for all the participants. The evening culminated with the distribution of gelt (not the chocolate variety)–25 lucky boys received $5 and $10 bills. It truly was an exciting Chanukah at Yeshiva of South Shore.


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