YOSS at home

Building Closed But Minds Open at Yeshiva of South Shore

Despite the unfortunate last-minute cancellation of school, the dedicated YOSS staff had an online learning system up and running, with close to 100 online classes, videos, shiurim, and “edutainment” modalities to teach and inspire students from preschool through the eighth grade. The boys have shown that they will continue learning as long as they can.

Whether personal phone calls, Zoom technology, Microsoft Teams, or phone conferencing, every teacher and rebbe is doing their utmost to ensure that Torah education and general studies do not fall by the wayside during one of the greatest crises in American history.

YOSS at home

Zoom classes with most rebbeim and teachers and teleconferences for some are up and running and are the new normal, along with homework and Haggadah packets mailed out, recordings sent out by rebbeim with stories, vignettes, and divrei Torah, and chizuk videos by the yeshiva administration. Preschool moros are also sending out daily story time and video lessons.

YOSS thanks all the parents who have donated iPads, Chromebooks, and all connectivity devices required to get these classes up and running. May this crisis end soon and we will all greet each other back in school together!

YOSS Faculty Engages National Audience With Remote Learning

YOSS is also proud of three of its faculty members who have earned national fame with their online learning platforms.

Morah Elana Fertig, director of the Hollander ECC of YOSS, is featured on Torah Umesorah’s new online learning platform, set up especially for this crisis. Her classes, Morah and Me, can be seen at turesponse.org/preschool.

Modeled after an early childhood classroom, Circle Time with Morah Elana Fertig adds structure to the day for the preschool-age child as she, in her unique way, puts a strong emphasis on middos and hashkafah. Children all over the world will join Morah Elana as she captures their attention, interacts with them, and shares her joy and enthusiasm with Klal Yisrael.

Rabbi Yitzy Ross’s nightly Navi shiur for middle-school boys has also gone viral! Over 1,000 children are learning every night with chazarah and online tests! Please check out for yourself how Rabbi Ross engages so many boys from across the community, and teaches them so many different parts of Torah which are not regularly learned in yeshivos. To join, visit StudyingNavi.com.

Rebbe Eli Herzberg’s site Shteig.com also had thousands of viewers across the world! In his unique way, Rebbe Eli teaches, entertains, and enthralls preschoolers and boys from younger elementary school about Torah, mitzvos, yomim tovim, and general knowledge. His site has an array of educational content to keep little boys learning even though the school building is closed.


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