Last week the children of the Hollander ECC at Yeshiva of South Shore took a trip down memory lane. Together they unpacked a suitcase with their moros, and found different objects that reminded them about each parashah in Bereishis. The boys were so excited when they were reminded about the animals on Noach’s teivah, the ladder in Yaakov’s dream, and the amazing creations that Hashem created during ma’aseh Bereishis.

All week long, the children discussed and created their own pictures of their favorite memories from sefer Bereishis. At two different siyumim, the children shared their pictures and explained them to their friends and classmates.

The nursery and kindergarten children were dressed as different people or objects from the parshiyos, while the pre-1a children had a more mature siyum in the elementary school, where they dressed in dark pants and white shirts, and joined together for singing, dancing, and review questions.

This Sefer Bereishis experience encouraged creativity, self-esteem, group work, public speaking, strengthening memories, and, of course, fun.


YOSS Academic Game Show Competition

The boys at Yeshiva of South Shore’s Abraham and Sara Silber Middle School took their learning to the next level during a challenging and interactive cloud-based academic game show.

The sixth grade was divided into teams, giving each player the opportunity to answer questions posted on the Smartboard, with their iPads acting as controllers. The questions ranged from topics in math, science, history, and the arts. The energy and friendly competition reached new levels during the winners’ round when Shaya Grunstein edged out the competition by correctly answering a challenging math question.


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