YOSS Guitar Club


The Yeshiva of South Shore has launched another great extracurricular program. The Guitar Club began last month for boys in grades 4 through 8. YOSS is excited to offer this club to help boys begin mastering the art of playing guitar. With their training-size (3/4) guitars in hand, boys are already picking up the skills to help lead the way in becoming a guitar star! “The guitar club will teach fundamentals and unique techniques that will propel students well beyond viewing guitar as a hobby,” said Rabbi Noam Singer, sixth grade rebbe and guitar instructor.

Music gives us an opportunity to connect to Hashem and to each other in a powerful way. When we play music and sing together, each individual is energized by those around him. As the Sefer HaChinuch says, “There is nothing that wakes a person up like a niggun.” YOSS is confident that the new guitar club will serve as a vehicle to inspire and connect!


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