YOSS Hikon enjoys time at United Skates of America
YOSS Hikon enjoys time at United Skates of America

The YOSS Mechina seventh and eighth graders celebrated the completion of the first term of their Hikon Tefillah Program! From the start of the school year these boys have been putting extra effort into their davening, demonstrating excellence in tefillah. They earned entry into Hikon, and maintained these high standards through the midpoint of the year.

In celebration, all participants were treated to a delicious meal catered by Streats Food & Drink. After dinner and Ma’ariv, the boys were bussed to United Skates of America roller rink. While some boys preferred roller skates, most preferred the in-line variety. “I loved the opportunity to rollerblade,” said seventh grade Hikon member, Yissachar Dov Herzberg.

The evening was filled with fun and excitement including Roller-Limbo, an exciting game that challenged the students’ flexibility. Rabbi Davidowitz, menahel hamechina, added to the special flavor of the night with giveaways to the skaters. The evening culminated with raffles and prizes from Rabbi Davidowitz and Mr. Winkler, and everyone felt like a winner!

The second Hikon term is already underway and Baruch Hashem new members are joining the Hikon club! 


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