On motzaei Shabbos, December 29, the young leadership committee of Yeshiva of South Shore conducted a melaveh malkah in the yeshiva’s gym. The theme of the evening was “Standing Together”; the YOSS family is there for each other through good and difficult times.

In line with this theme, Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky, menahel of DRS, was invited to speak. He expressed his hakaras ha’tov to the 200 parents for their yeshiva’s hachnasas orchim during his yeshiva’s time of need. The ninth and tenth grades of DRS spent a month on the YOSS campus while their building was repaired due to the damage from the storm.

Ben Isaacs, an alumnus of the yeshiva and now a parent, spoke of his newfound respect and appreciation for all that is YOSS and the care and concern of the administration as he, and many others, went through this crisis. Knowing that the yeshiva was there for them gave them the strength to deal with it.

Zvi Rada, a parent at the yeshiva, provided the musical accompaniment for the evening, while David Jaison, another parent and a mentalist, went from table to table drawing in the audience. Together with soups, wraps, and salads (oh, and cheesecake, always cheesecake!) the evening created an atmosphere where parents introduced themselves to each other–truly joining in that most wonderful community: the South Shore family! v

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