The National Council of Young Israel calls upon Secretary of State John Kerry to retract and further clarify his prejudicial and untrue characterization of why his attempts to broker Israeli-Palestinian peace accord failed.

At yesterday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, the Secretary of State cast primary blame at the State of Israel for its reticence in releasing the last group of convicted Palestinian terrorists from prison. In his comments, he neglected to note that the only negotiating partner who has conceded anything substantive for the cause of peace has been the democratically and stable government of Israel. Israel has conceded land and released terrorists just to persuade the unstable Palestinian Authority to talk. In fact, the aborted Israeli release of terrorists has nothing to do with core issues of any future accord.

The Secretary of State chastises Israel for conditioning further peace talks on Palestinian recognition of the Israel as a “Jewish State,” a recognition already afforded by the United States and other legitimate nations. The Secretary responded that such acknowledgement is needless at this point, since the United States already provides such recognition. Yet, Israel is not negotiating with the United States, it is attempting to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority – an entity that appears to be incapable of acknowledging a Jewish State in its midst. Regrettably, the Authority is unable or unwilling to make any good-faith effort to promote a durable peace that ensures the security of both parties to a prospective agreement.

In sum, the Secretary of State needs to better appreciate that the failure of his attempted peace process is none other than Palestinian defiance to concede anything, while Israel is asked to sacrifice everything. Meaningful and lasting peace can only be secured with this understanding. …read more
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