2 1/2 year-old Syrian toddler released with his mother from Safed’s Ziv hospital today –

By Anav Silverman –
Tazpit News Agency –

syrian_toddlerThe youngest Syrian to be treated in Israel since the Syrian Civil War began over two years ago was released from Ziv Medical Center in Safed today on Monday, September 9.

A two-and-half-year-old boy who was suffering from shrapnel wounds to his head, along with his injured mother were brought to Ziv Medical Center last week on Wednesday, September 5, for emergency treatment. The two were injured by a missile explosion across from their home in war-torn Syria which left shrapnel pieces and burns on the upper part of their bodies.

The Syrian toddler went through a number of surgeries to remove shrapnel pieces from his head, which miraculously did not penetrate deeply into his skull.

The boy was released in good condition, smiling and in good spirits according to a hospital spokesperson.

Ziv Medical Center director, Dr. Oscar Ambon told Tazpit News Agency that the medical staff at the hospital is dedicated to treating every injured Syrian that arrives to the hospital.

“For the past seven months, we have been treating tens of injured Syrians brought to us by the IDF. Most of the injured arrive in serious condition. Some are suffering from complicated injuries that require immediate professional medical treatment as well as social and emotional support in light of the traumas they’ve experienced during the war,” Dr. Ambon told Tazpit News Agency.

According to Dr. Ambon, Ziv’s medical staff also takes care of the clothing and undergarments that the patients need before they are released as well as games and activities for the injured children.

Last night, two Syrian brothers, ages 12 and 15 were also brought to the hospital in critical condition, with the older brother suffering from internal injuries and the younger from shrapnel wounds.

A spokesperson from Ziv Medical Center stated that there that there are currently 16 Syrians being treated in the hospital and that a total of 90 Syrians have treated in Ziv thus far.

Ziv Medical Center is currently raising funds for medical equipment, wheelchairs, and prosthetic devices for the injured Syrians once they are released after being treated by the hospital.


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