Grills aren’t just for burgers and dogs anymore.

July is National Grilling Month, but sometimes your grill needs something light. Or something sweet. And that’s where can help you diversify.

Grilled salad? Why not? Many veggies love an open flame—corn on the cob, portabella mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini … the list goes on. Try Grilled Vegetable Salad from Mishpacha magazine’s Brynie Greisman. Although the recipe calls for oven roasting, there’s no reason the grill can’t take some of the heat off.

Yes, even dessert can be tossed on the barbie. Nothing could be easier than Grilled Fruit with Whipped Cream and Streusel Topping, a delectable, pareve creation by food writer and recipe developer Estee Kafra.

And to drink … okay, even the pros at can’t come up with any barbecued beverages. But Honeydew Granita with a Hint of Lemon is such an irresistible match for all things grilled, it would be a shame not to share it.

Grilling safety tips:

  • Clean your grill and trays regularly to avoid flare-ups from grease or fat.
  • Never use propane or charcoal grills indoors.
  • Keep your grill away from the house, deck, and shrubs.
  • Keep decorations away from grill.
  • Prevent food poisoning from cross-contamination. Use separate plates and utensils for cooked and uncooked meat, and boil marinades before serving.
  • Keep charcoal starter fluid away from children and heat sources.
  • If using a gas or propane grill, check for leaks. Turn grill off immediately if you smell gas. If the smell continues, contact the fire department immediately and move away from the grill.

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