Shlomo Zalman Bamberger and R’ Boruch Ber Bender
Shlomo Zalman Bamberger and R’ Boruch Ber Bender

This past Sunday morning, during the festive yom tov of Purim, Achiezer received a phone call from a prominent community member informing them about the passing of a loved one who lived in the Bayswater section of Far Rockaway. The levayah was to be scheduled for Monday morning, Shushan Purim, yet no family members existed for the minyan of 10 men that would be required. Achiezer was contacted to see if they would be able to give this special nifteres her well-deserved kavod acharon. With most schools having a day off for Shushan Purim, Achiezer board member Rabbi Yechiel Kalish called Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender and exclaimed, “Let’s send some yeshiva boys. In fact I would like my own sons to join, as there cannot be a greater way possible for them to spend their day off.”

Six students from Yeshiva Darchei Torah traveled to Montefiore Cemetery on Long Island where, along with the other volunteers Achiezer had contacted, businessmen and lawyers among them, they were able to complete an incredibly special levayah for a young woman who died all alone with nobody from her family left to mourn her loss.

In a separate demonstration of chesed by a youth from the community, Shlomo Zalman Bamberger, a 6th-grader in Yeshiva Ketana of Queens, visited the Achiezer office on Shushan Purim to deliver a significant amount of money which he singlehandedly raised over Purim for families affected by Sandy. All of these monies will be given out to these local community members to assist with their various Pesach needs.

Tizku l’mitzvos! v


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