On Thursday, December 4, Midreshet Shalhevet held its first schoolwide poetry slam. The multipurpose room was set up as a coffee shop complete with assorted pastries, hot cocoa, flavored coffees, and beanbag chairs. Girls gathered around to hear their friends perform their poetry. Students both on and off the poetry team presented profound and touching pieces that reflected their thoughts and character. Creative writing and AP English teacher Mrs. Jennifer Morey emceed the event and was astounded by the talent the contestants portrayed, as well as the support they received from their classmates. Eleventh-grader Bella Weiss recalled that although she was nervous before her performance, her nerves were instantly calmed when her friends cheered her on. Senior Dassa Bitterman stated that she was so glad that she was able to share her first piece with her friends and faculty. Shalhevet students thoroughly enjoyed the slam and can hardly wait for the next one.


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