Hundreds of runners and volunteers attended the second annual Halachic Organ Donor (HOD) Society Race on Sunday, March 3 in Central Park to raise awareness about halachic support for organ donation. Benjamin Joslin, a 2012 alum of Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University, won the 10K race in 36 minutes and 12 seconds and was awarded an iPhone (Joslin formerly ran on the Yeshiva University cross country team). Oliver Sax, a senior at Yeshiva University, came in first place for the 5K race and won an iPad. Special prizes were awarded to pre-teens, ages 8—12, who won the 5K race. Yonatan Najman-Licht, a student at SAR Academy, came in first place and won an iTouch. A free round-trip ticket to Israel was also awarded to Rabbi Dr. Henry Hasson, who raised the most sponsorship dollars for the HOD Society.

The mission of the HOD Society is to save lives by increasing organ donations from Jews to all of humanity. HOD Society raises awareness of halachic support for organ donation and provides a unique halachic organ donor card. HODS has saved more than 200 lives, educated more than 330,000 Jews about organ donation and has recruited hundreds of rabbis to carry organ donor cards.

The Halachic Organ Donor (HOD) Society is a nonprofit organization with offices in New York City and Jerusalem. The mission of the HOD Society is to save lives by encouraging organ donation from Jews to all of humanity. For more information, call 212-213-5087, e-mail, or visit v


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