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Beruchot ha’baot to nine Central sophomores who have just returned from Israel after spending the last five weeks on the Ulpana Exchange Program, immersed in Israeli culture and experiencing the land. Their travels took them throughout the country, including a three-day trip to the Negev with their Israeli peers, riding camels, and a special visit to Yad Vashem, the world’s largest archive of information about the Holocaust.

Mrs. Tova Rosenberg facilitated a meeting with Safira Rapoport, formerly director of the Pedagogic and Research Center and currently head of the archives, who showed students Central’s “Names, Not Numbers” documentary, awaiting archival. Students also took a three-hour tour, led by a docent from the museum’s education department. Other educational trips included visits to Ir David and the P’til Techelet factory.

Students’ enhanced appreciation of Israel took the forefront in their academic studies for the past few weeks as well. The focus of their public-speaking class was each student’s personal connection to the country and its history. Each student chose a distinct topic to research and present. The range and depth of the topics–from Israel’s Ethiopian-Jewish community to the Iron Dome to the Kotel–demonstrate the powerful impact and resonance of the Ulpana experience.


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