ZAKA International Rescue Unit volunteers from Israel, USA, Mexico and South Africa are currently taking part in this year’s US National Guard multi-national emergency drill, taking place in Indiana and simulating a variety of different disaster scenarios. This year, as in previous years, ZAKA volunteers were invited to take part together with the IDF Home Front Command, alongside US Marine Corps Special Forces. 

ZAKA International Rescue Unit Chief Officer Mati Goldstein: “This year, the US National Guard drill relates to an extreme earth-quake scenario, including a hotel collapse. We are practicing entering the site and working with the professional emergency forces, following the first response and initial handling of the disaster by the local municipality, civilians and emergency forces.”

Goldstein added that “this is the first time that ZAKA is practicing its operational capabilities as an international organization and not just as a rescue force from Israel. We have brought volunteers from special ZAKA units in Israel, Mexico and South Africa as well as from the USA.”

Within the framework of the drill, ZAKA connected with the Israeli company Water Gen which has developed unique technology that extracts water from the air. The objective: instead of dealing with the logistics related to finding and bringing water to a disaster scene, this innovative technology can be used by the emergency forces at the scene to immediately provide water to the injured and those working at the scene.

Photos: Courtesy ZAKA


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